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What Happened To Christopher In Virgin River? Everything that Went Down

What Happens To Christopher In Virgin River?
A still from Virgin River

With the conclusion of the fourth installment of Netflix’s Virgin River, everybody is querying the internet for answers concerning each character’s story arc. So, we at Otakukart are doing our job of keeping you informed! So, look no further for your source of information concerning this romance drama. We have all the answers for this Sue Tenney drama’s plot’s intricacies! And that includes What happens to Christopher in the Virgin River!

One of the core aspects that we need to explore if we want to get a better grasp is Paige Lassiter since she has many things to do with both Preacher and Christopher. Firstly, Paige moved into the town with her kid, trying to flee from her abusive partner. Once she settled in, she developed a friendship with Preacher, and from there, things got complicated!

Who Is Christopher?

The son of Paige Lassiter is Christopher Lassiter, one of the protagonists in Virgin River on Netflix. After killing her ex-husband Wes, she leaves the area. She gives Preacher control of Christopher and asks him to look after him. Paige’s son, however, vanishes after being taken by Vince, Wes’s identical twin.

What Happens To Christopher In Virgin River?

Find out the details!

What Happens To Christopher In Virgin River?

First, let’s clear the air with Paige, as her character has a lot to do with Christopher’s story arc in the way that the scriptwriter developed her story. Following the murder of her abusive ex-husband Wes, Paige fled Virgin River as a wanted felon. When she reappears toward the conclusion of season 4, she gives Preacher an explanation for her absence, letting him know that she had been residing in a women’s shelter that offered free legal assistance.

Christopher was left in Preacher’s custody by Paige. Up until the season three finale, when things became serious, Preacher took care of the boy. Preacher was drugged by Sally, a fictitious friend of Paige’s, who then assisted Wes’ identical brother Vince and Christopher’s uncle in capturing the child and fleeing with him. Christopher was taken hostage by Vince, so Preacher hired a private investigator to find him. He showed Jack some CCTV footage of Vince because the investigation was stagnating. This triggered a long-forgotten memory, revealing that Vince had actually shot Jack while looking for his brother Wes.

Preacher Doesn’t Know About The Investigation

Preacher is ignorant of any recent developments in the investigation in Season 4 of the Netflix series until Christopher suddenly phones. The child asserts that Vince has to go home since he is acting strangely. Preacher asks Christopher to tell him where he is, but he hangs up without giving any useful information. Mike investigates the call’s past. He informs Preacher that he has located Sally. In her account, Vince allegedly threatened to kill her if she didn’t provide Preacher drugs. Vince’s whereabouts may be known to Sally, but she won’t say so.

When Paige pays Preacher a visit, she lets him know that she also chatted with Sally. She was told that Christopher was the only way Vince could get in touch with Paige. He’s curious about what happened to his brother. Vince suggests a trade: Paige for her son. Preacher rejects this reckless notion, but Paige agrees. Preacher uses GPS coordinates to find the criminal on his own. However, he sees an empty cabin because he gets there too late.

What Happens To Christopher In Virgin River?

A still from Virgin River

Christopher & Preacher

As Christopher returns to Preacher, he gives him a letter that Paige wrote. In her letter, she expresses her desire for Preacher to parent her baby permanently and her breakup with Vince. Preacher travels to the lodge by himself while avoiding the law. When he discovers Vince and Paige inside, a battle starts. Paige’s life is saved when Preacher successfully disarms the criminal and knocks him out. Paige’s worries seem to have been allayed, and Preacher gets Christopher back. Vince will likely be arrested once Mike and the police show up. It’s uncertain, though, if Paige will acknowledge killing Wes. With this, we conclude our coverage of this topic here at Otakukart. Thanks for your attention. Happy streaming and see you soon!

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