Who Is Paige Hurd’s Boyfriend In 2023? Power Book II: Ghost Star’s Love Interest

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Who Is Paige Hurd's Boyfriend In 2023
Paige Hurd: Everybody Hates Chris actress' stunning look (CC: Pinterest)

Want to know about Paige Hurd’s boyfriend in 2023? Yes, we are talking about the Power Book II: Ghost actress who is still making headlines for her starring in Season 3 of the show. In case you forgot, she played the role of Lauren Baldwin in the same. Keeping that aside, for now, her fans are lately wondering- what’s going on in Paige’s love life? Is she seeing someone in 2023? What do you think? Before getting into her relationship status, let’s briefly discuss Paige Hurd’s prominence in the film industry.

Starting from the basics, Paige Hurd is a versatile actress who is majorly known for portraying Tasha Clarkson in Everybody Hates Chris. Didn’t you watch it? Hailing from Dallas, Paige is now 30 years old, born in 1992. When it comes to her acting works, the noteworthy ones are listed as- A Girl Like Grace, Thriller, Beauty Shop, The Division—city 17, ER, Hawaii Five-0, etc.

Being Paige’s fan, you must have watched the political drama and soap opera Tyler Perry’s The Oval. Haven’t you? If not, then it’s highly recommended. You will see Piage as Gayle Franklin, the first daughter. 

Coming back to Paige Hurd’s personal life, the Boomtown actress seems to be very much interested in basketball. Sounds fishy? Yes! Well, she is taken and is living the best days of her life with her beau. Now, the question is, who is that sportsperson who ended up stealing her heart? If you are looking for who Paige Hurd’s boyfriend is in 2023, here is what we know.

Who Is Paige Hurd's Boyfriend In 2023
Paige Hurd (CC: Complex)

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Meet Paige Hurd’s Boyfriend In 2023: Who Is He?

Talking about her love interest, Paige Hurd’s boyfriend in 2023 is Maurice Harkless. As hinted earlier, Maurice is a professional NBA player who serves as a free agent at present. However, he previously served for various teams, including Sacramento Kings, New York Knicks, Los Angeles Clippers, Portland Trail Blazers, and Miami Heat. Not to forget to mention, Paige Hurd’s boyfriend made his professional debut in 2012 and also won the title of Big East, Rookie of the Year back then. No doubt, his basketball-playing skills are highly appreciable. 

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Concerning Paige Hurd’s relationship with Maurice Harkless, it’s pretty much a long time. When did it all start? Well, they are reported to be sharing a romance since 2013. What? Yes! In other words, Paige Hurd and Maurice Harkless have been together for nearly a decade. It sounds so good! 

Well, Paige Hurd’s boyfriend, Maurice Harkless, is 29 years old. That means she is a year older than her. When it comes to her romantic affair, both try to keep it low-key. It’s their choice. But who cares? All the eagle-eyed fans anyway manage to spread gossip about their favorite celebrity, no matter how much the latter try to hide things. That’s how it works! 

Who Is Paige Hurd's Boyfriend In 2023
Paige Hurd’s boyfriend in 2023: Maurice Harkless (CC: Sports Gossip)

Meanwhile, some fans wondered if Paige Hurd and Maurice Harkless are no more a couple. Well, that’s not true! Rumors sparked as the actress stopped posting pictures of her with her long-time beau for a while. It doesn’t make any sense, though, to think that they broke up.

Both Paige and Maurice come from different backgrounds, and their professions are also not similar. They maintain a busy lifestyle, and it’s not always possible to flaunt each other on social media at every event. Isn’t so? It has nothing to do with their real-life feelings for each other. No doubt, Paige Hurd is very much in love with Maurice and vice-versa. Don’t you think they look adorable and inseparable? 

It’s not known when Paige Hurd and Maurice Harkless will tie the knot. If you are wondering about their secret marriage, no. It hasn’t yet happened since no evidence supports that. Also, the love birds haven’t shared any plans with their fans. We are wondering if it’s going to take place this year. Any chances? 

Best wishes to Paige Hurd for the upcoming days of her life. Make sure you follow Paige Hurd on her Instagram account for more updates. We are hopeful that her romantic relationship with Maurice stays strong and healthy, like this, forever. 

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