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Is Wynonna Judd Pregnant? Rumors & Truth Explained


The singer appears to be a bit secretive about what goes on in her personal life. These days, she is sparking pregnancy rumors out of nowhere, and fans are concerned about their validity. What do you think? How true are the rumors? Before that, let’s look at the prominence of Wynonna Judd in the music industry. 

Wynonna Ellen Judd is popularly known for being a versatile country music singer. Born on 30 May 1964, Wynonna is now 58 years old. She hails from Ashland, Kentucky, United States. Some of her famous songs include- Why Not Me, Grandpa, Love Can Build A Bridge, No One Else on Earth, Flies On The Butter, Have Mercy, I Want To Know What Love Is, Girls’ Night Out, I Can Only Imagine, and many more. Among these songs, which one is your favorite? Little did you know Wynonna was originally known as Christina Claire Ciminella. 

Because of her distinctive voice, Wynonna Judd also provided her voice for The Magic School Bus, Blue’s Clues, Veggie Tales, etc. Besides this, she also starred in the NBC sitcom Kath & Kim. Haven’t you watched Wynonna in the Hallmark movie Nashville Christmas Carol? It was released in 2020, and she played the role of Marilyn Jinway. The singer also got great dancing skills, for which she participated in Dancing With The Stars Season 16. 

Coming back to Wynonna Judd’s pregnancy rumors also calls for the discussion of who she is married to. Well, she has married thrice in her lifetime so far. With a third love partner, the singer has been leading a blissful life since 2012. Also, they do have an extended family. Perhaps, the new pregnancy rumors are a bit confusing. Here is what we know about whether Wynonna Judd is pregnant now. 

Is Wynonna Judd Pregnant

Wynonna Judd

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Wynonna Judd Pregnant: How True Is That?

We are unsure if Wynonna Judd is pregnant or not at present. In other words, we may say that because of her silence, it’s hard to know if she is expecting a child. However, the reported rumors of her pregnancy are currently ruling the internet. Well, she has opened up about her health condition, where she is struggling with depression. Do you think this happens when you are at the time of enjoying your motherhood? Not really. 

But there have been some other hints as well. Wynonna Judd is reported to have been spotted with a bit bulging belly and also appeared to be healthier. In addition to this, she was reported to have a toast with water instead of wine. Is this a sign of her pregnancy? We wonder what’s happening. Neither Wynonna nor her husband has shared any information regarding the same. So, it’s unsafe to comment anything on Wynonna’s suspected pregnancy. 

Well, this also calls for the discussion of Wynonna’s spouse. As mentioned above, in 2012, he got hitched to Cactus Moser. In case you are wondering, he is majorly known as one of the finest drummers in the industry. Also, he is famous for being a member of the band Highway 101 for more than a couple of decades. They had known each other for quite a long time and used to be very good friends. 


Wynonna Judd with her loving and supportive husband, Cactus Moser

With Cactus Moser, Wynonna doesn’t share any children to date. However, she serves as the mother of two- Cactus Moser and Elijah Judd. With whom? With her first husband, Arch Kelley III, whom she married back in 1996. So, if Wynonna is expecting her third child in real, the motherly feeling would not be something new to her. She has experienced it earlier.

Well, we hope the rumor turns out to be true. Wishing Wynonna Judd all the very best for her future days. You may give Wynonna a following on her Instagram account for more updates. Concerning her depression issues, hoping she is fine now. Sending loads of love to her! 

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