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Is Kimberly Sustad Pregnant? How True Are The Rumors?

Last Updated on November 9, 2022 by OtakuKart Staff

People are currently looking for if Kimberly Sustad is pregnant. Even last year, the actress sparked similar rumors, leaving everyone disappointed in the end. What’s up with her at present? Before getting into further details, let’s have a look at some of Kimberly’s notable works. 

Born in Ottawa, Canada, Kimberly Sustad is pretty much popular and a household name in the entertainment industry. She gained quite a fame after portraying the character of Vivian Patterson in A Bride for Christmas. Some of her other great works are The Nine Lives Of Christmas, Wedding Every Weekend, All Things Valentine, Cooking With Love, The Twilight Zone, Each Precious Heartbeat, Walking The Dog, The Romeo Section, Spotlight on Christmas, and many more.

Among these, which one is your favorite? How can we forget to mention her incredible performance as Marilee in The Nine Lives Of Christmas? She was highly praised for this by the critics. 

Nothing much about her early life is known. But Kimberly Sustad appears to be well educated, passing out from Trinity Western University. So, she serves as a live example of “Beauty With Brains.” 

Coming back to her pregnancy rumors, it’s nothing new. Well, the rumors keep making headlines and appear to be true in the beginning. This is more because the actress is already hitched to the love of her life, and it has been pretty long. To be more precise, she tied the knot back in 2004. So, the possibility of her expecting a child is nothing weird. But what about now? If you are looking at whether Kimberly Sustad is pregnant or not, here is your answer. 

Is Kimberly Sustad Pregnant

Kimberly Sustad

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Kimberly Sustad Pregnant: Rumors Debunked

No. Kimberly Sustad is not pregnant at present. This means, again, she has proved her pregnancy rumors to be false. Well, it’s baseless too. The actress has not commented anything, which seems like she is least bothered and tired with the same. In recent days, Kimberly Sustad has been spotted at places, having no intruding baby bump. That fueled the confirmation of her not expecting any child as of now. 

These days, social media platforms play an integral part in the daily lives of people. It is more highlighted in the lives of celebrities. They keep posting and updating their fans about what’s happening in their lives. On this note, welcoming a child can be one of the best news one can share.

If her pregnancy news was true, Kimberly Sustad would surely update this on Instagram. Even if she would want to keep it secret for a while, there should have been indirect hints. But nothing similar happened, which ultimately proves Kimberly was not pregnant. Instead, she is maintaining quite a busy lifestyle, working pretty hard and delivering her best, as always. 

Is Kimberly Sustad Pregnant

Kimberly Sustad with her small happy family

When we talk about Kimberly Sustad being pregnant or not, that eventually calls for the discussion of her personal life. More specifically, about her spouse. It was in 2004 when Kimberly got hitched by an amazing person named Scott Sustad. In case you Are wondering, her husband is not anyone from the world of films and series. Then, what’s his profession? Scott Sustad is an entrepreneur hailing from Canada itself. 

Talking more about Kimberly’s family, with Scott, she shares twin daughters. They named them- Vienna and Ari. Aren’t the names as cute as their faces? In other words, we may say that Kimberly already serves as the mother of these two children. Well, it’s not known if Kimberly and Scott want to expand their family anytime soon. As of now, it’s a beautiful happy family of four! 

Wishing Kimberly Sustad nothing but the best in her life. Hoping her marriage stays strong, always! We are sure that she is not just a great actress but also a great wife and mother. You may give Kimberly a following on his Instagram account for updates if she provides any. 

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