Nano Machine Chapter 129 Release Date: Crown Prince Cheon, The Heavenly Demon

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Nano Machine Chapter 129
Nano Machine Chapter 129

Nano Machine Chapter 129 begins after Crown Prince vs. Lord Yo Jong intensifies. Lord Yo Jong is yet to give up, even if he will suffer from the side effects of the Blood Reseversal Technique. The chapter begins with Cheon attempting to destroy four remaining swords to reach Lord Yo Jong. Lord Yo Jong is about to lose everything, and he has put his life on the line to stop Cheon and reclaim what he believes in. 

Lord Yo Jong realizes that Cheon is very skillful, and he is evading every sword slash. Cheon notices something and realizes that the connection between Lord Yo Jong’s Qi and his sword Qi has broken. The elder sect wonders if Lord Yo Jong is getting weaker due to his age. They realize that Lord Yo Jong might lose any time or pull an upset victory, which is impossible.

The royal lady realizes that Lord Yo Jong will be finished with a single blow if the current Heavenly Demon doesn’t miss the opening. Cheon, The Heavenly Demon, noticed that Lord Yo Jong was wavering and decided to use it as his chance.

Cheon earned the title of Heavenly Demon after clearing his name in front of sect elders and proving that Lord Yo Jong was the culprit. Thus begin Cheon vs. Lord Jong since Lord Yo Jong doesn’t want to lose everything he builds using lies.

Prince Cheon The Heavenly Demon
Prince Cheon, The Heavenly Demon

Lord Yo Jong feels a headache, but he awakens hidden powers that will destroy his body after the fight. He doesn’t care about his body more than winning the battle. Cheon charged at full speed with Demonic powers that even cracked the floor of the castle. The debris around begins to float due to the powers of the Heavenly Demon Lord. But the sect elders notice some changes in Lord Yo Jong.

Previously on Nano Machine Chapter 128

Lord Yo Jong shouts at Cheon and tells him to stay away from him. His face changed and turns in white with veins popping all over and red eyes. Cheon refuses to stay away and attacks with multiple sword slashes. Lord Yo Jong uses one Eye Technique to evade and attack Cheon. The left eye begins to bleed due to the technique that he uses.

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However, Cheon managed to get near Lord Yo Jong after breaking all the barriers in front of him with the Heavenly Demon Sword. The castle is getting destroyed as the battle intensifies, and the sect elders realize that the battle is about to reach the final stage. One sect elder destroyed the blocks about to hit them and warned everyone to move to safety.

Cheon appears above Lord Yo Jong after using the edge of his Heavenly Demon Sword to jump up mid-air. Lord Yo Jong realizes he is in a danger zone and will be thought to escape without getting cut. But he wields his blade, trying to deflect Cheon’s attack. Cheon slides his Heavenly Demon Sword above Lord Yo Jong’s blade, knowing he will stab Lord Yong Jong. 

After the massive attack, he appears behind Lord Yo Jong with a scar on his face, but we see Lord Yo Jong bleeding like a roof spilling rainwater. Everything around Lord Yo Jong becomes red due to his blood. However, Lord Yong didn’t give up and continued to fight, believing that one lucky strike would kill Cheon. Cheon uses the Heavenly Demon Sword and cuts Lord Yo Jong’s sword into pieces.

Nano Machine Chapter 129
Nano Machine

After destroying Lord Yo Jong’s sword, Cheon says, “it ends here.” Cheon surprised everyone by cutting Lord Yo Jong with the Three sword-Style but wielding one Heavenly Demon Sword. The sect elders are impressed and realize that this is the fall of Lord Yo Jong. Lord Yo Jong fell to his knees, and we saw the rain of blood pouring from his mouth. The other guys realize he will die if Lord Yo Jong doesn’t get the treatment. 

Nano Machine Chapter 129 Release Date

Nano Machine Chapter 129 will be released on 3 November 2022. The guys who support Lord Yon Jong realize that if they lose Jong, their plains will be foiled since they need him for their plans. Everyone realizes that they can never expect less from Heavenly Demon since it is clear that he will punish Lord Yo Jong. Check out Nano Machine Chapter 129 details. 

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Read Nano Machine Chapter 129 Online – Raw Details

You can read Nano Machine Chapter 129 online on the official websites. Lord Yo Jong is about to die, but his inner soul tells him about the awakening Blood Reversal Gathering Technique that can help him. The mystery behind the Blood Reversal Gathering Techniques will begin in the next chapter of Nano Machine. Let’s meet after Nano Machine Chapter 129 is released. 

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