Is Konohamaru The Next User of the Toad Sage Mode in Boruto?


Konohamaru is a Jonin from Konohagakure and you can consider him to be an elite Ninja right now. He’s had a tough journey through. Back in Naruto, Konohamaru wasn’t really included in the plot, even though he was one of the most important characters in the series. The Naruto series was so much more focused on Naruto, Sasuke and others like Shikamaru, that they don’t really give Konohamaru the screen time that many of the other Ninja’s who befriended Naruto received.

The one time when he actually did something was back in Pain arc. While Naruto was away, he did what many failed to do. He successfully defeated one of the Six Paths of Pain.

Even though he was again not shown in the series after that, we must remember that Konohamaru’s time was yet to come. The talent was there, so it was a shame that they couldn’t focus more on him. However, that is set to change now. We’re in Boruto, and Konohamaru is a Jonin. He’s the leader of Team Konohamaru, which includes Boruto, Sarada and Mitsuki.
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