Berserk – Why It’s Not Perfect


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Once again, WINP returns with our eyes set on hit dark fantasy series Berserk and what keeps it from reaching 10/10 perfection! So join me as I commit the sin of nitpicking something amazing, and you all decide to hate me for it! Links to previous WINP articles will be posted below, so please click and enjoy and hate! It’s time for us all to go… Berserk! (Puns)

This is now 80% of the damn manga…

Kid Sidekicks

Who was the idiot who thought this was a good idea? Guts, who is one of the toughest and scariest anti-hero protagonists out there, does not need literal children following him around as part of a growing Scooby Doo gang. When writing the Commandments of Anime, the Great Savior Miyazaki did not see the need to mention this because he would have thought it obvious, but clearly someone forgot to tell the writers behind Berserk: Guts does not need child followers!

While the girl Schierke isn’t too bad, my patience is absolutely destroyed with Isidro is brought to the centre. Isidro is everything wrong with child characters, from his arrogance and constant need for attention to his uselessness being a major plot point that causes the plot to literally bend so they can create a situation where he saves the day, he is just the worst example of child characters.

Isidro and Schierke also tip the scale of levity far too much. Before they arrived, the majority of humour came from Puck (who is surprisingly enjoyable as time goes on despite initial reactions and also… he’s always naked so that’s fun), but the series kept a dark and grim nature throughout. Puck was only for emergencies. By the time the series reaches the Fantasia arc, almost every scene involving Guts has at least one of the three characters making some sort of joke or funny face, and it completely upsets the balance. What was once hailed as one of the best seinen manga of all time has fast become a boring shonen with the occasional titty, and I blame the children. Damn them!

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