Gohan Surpasses Goku?!- Dragon Ball Super Episode 90 Spoilers


Guys, we got some shocking Dragon Ball Super Episode 90 Spoilers, and this will blow you away. The preview summary of Episode 90 is actually implying that Gohan might surpass Goku, Yeap for real! Piccolo and Gohan will team up to fight against the Goku-Tien duo, and I have a feeling we are going to get 5-star action.



First, let’s check it out-

Dragon Ball Super Episode 90

“Exceeding the Walls! Goku Vs Gohan!” May 14,2017

Gohan And Piccolo  Vs Goku  And Tien?

In the course of training with Piccolo, Gohan realized that he must surpass his father. So, Gohan teamed up with Piccolo to fight with Goku And Tien Combination! After finishing the training, Gohan who has an unprecedented Power, Goku is…..?!

Dragon Ball Super Episode 88 Preview Breakdown- "Piccolo x Gohan"

Goku This Week

Looking at the growth of my Son! Goku is surprised by the change that occurred in Gohan! He cannot hide the joy that another strong one(Gohan) has appeared after the team battle. Goku will challenge Gohan to a 1 on 1 match!

Gohan, Surpass your father! Gohan was strengthened both in power and spirit with Piccolo’s training and now is focused on Tien who fights with unique techniques!

All are surprised to see a New Gohan!  ( Translation- GOVETAXV)

Okay, looks like it’s finally finally safe to say Gohan is Great Again.

Gohan Surpasses Goku?!- Dragon Ball Super Episode 90 Spoilers
Gohan Surpasses Goku?!- Dragon Ball Super Episode 90 Spoilers

In Episode 88, Gohan trained with Piccolo and recovered his basics, and used his mystic form after a long time, but afterward, Piccolo said that wasn’t enough, and they are going to keep training to reach a higher level. Also, it was made clear that what we saw in 88 wasn’t even the serious part, as the Senzu Beans Piccolo took from Goku wasn’t used. Who knows maybe that’ll get used after the team battle.

Whatever it is, looks like Piccolo’s worked better than expected, as it sounds like Gohan will give Goku a tough battle at the very least. Even though the spoilers is hinting that Gohan will surpass Goku, I don’t think that’ll literally happen, but if it does. It could be like Gohan outperforms Goku somehow before the tournament, but Goku reveals his newfound powers or form in the battle royal. Once again getting ahead of the curve, given the fact Goku is using SSB as much as SSJ, it could just be possible that Goku has something under his sleeves. Which he is waiting to reveal in the tournament, now Gohan has been a promoted in a way that he is going to dominate the battle. In order to be able to do that, he can’t but be somewhere around the level where Goku is currently, assuming that Goku will reach new heights in the tournament.

Now, I admit it is a bit weird that Gohan is able to power up so much, in such a short time, but remember potential is the game here.  The concept of dormant potential is hard to digest in Dragon Ball Universe like Goten became a Super Saiyan at the age of 7 training with Chi Chi. Think about all right. Besides, Gohan has always been like that. Years of inactivity and being a bitch after the Cell Saga, and yet in the Buu saga by a single training session with the Kaioshins he became the strongest non-fused character in DBZ.  That was weird, this is weird, but let’s accept the way things are and move on.


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