Shinchan’s real story – Revealed !

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Shin-chan Nohara , the guy who literally painted our childhood with happiness all over. Although his dance with one hand on his butt cheek still disturbs me.fdbfbbabedbeeaebb


Shin-Chan was first aired in 1992 on TV Asahi. It was dubbed in a number of languages. Due to the death of author Yoshito Usui, Futabasha originally planned to end Shin-chan in November 2009. After discovering new manuscripts, Futabasha decided to extend the comic’s run until March 2010 issue of the magazine, shipping it on February 5, 2010.


It was announced ,on December 1, 2009 , that a new manga would begin in the summer of 2010 , by the members of Usui’s team, titled New Crayon Shin-Chan. Many of the jokes in the series stem from Shin-chan’s occasionally weird, unnatural and inappropriate use of language, as well as from his mischievous behavior. A typical gag involves Shin-Chan confounding his parents by using the wrong phrase for the occasion; for instance, saying “Welcome back” instead of a using a more suitable phrace like as “I am home” when he comes home. Shin Chan The Anime shinchan

In short, he is brutally honest, highly curious, and has no shame. Ironically, there have been several instances in which Shinnosuke’s own crazy antics actually ended up being a blessing to those around him.

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Shin-chan regularly becomes besotted with pretty female characters who are much older than him, and an additional source of humor is derived from his childlike attempts at wooing these characters.

This might seem normal to us , but it actually has a story behind it.

Many say Shin-chan is inspired by a real life boy named “Shinnosuke nohara” who died trying to save his little sister from a car accident. His mother “Misae” was shocked and depressed on losing her children. She started portraying a happy story of the complete family which was later illustrated as the manga by Yoshita Usui. Yes , this is is sad , but it’s true. The last episode wasn’t aired on T.V because Shin-chan gets killed trying to save his sister Himawari!”.Shinchan's real story - Revealed !


Well , respect to this young lad.

The world should know his sacrifice.

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