Could Players be mistaking clustered nests for actual nests?

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Could Players be mistaking clustered nests for actual nests?

As you know the nest migration has hit us and rare spawn sightings have gone up significantly.

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While reading some reddit posts I noticed how a redditor named Oxone_PkMnTrnr had a similar experience to me when dealing with these “Cluster spawns”. I’ve noticed how some spawns recently such as a Clefairy spawn could be spawning on the next block over, as on my street I’ll receive a Vulpix or a Drowzee. While they normally spawn two at a time, the nest spawns other Pokemon such as Weedle or Pidgey as’well. 

While thinking of this, I thought about the 3 types of spawn nests.

  • Cluster spawn = yields terrible stat and low IV Pokemon/variety of common spawns
  • Frequent area = has a high chance of spawning a Pokémon within a certain area
  • Frequent point = has a very high chance of spawning a Pokémon in a specific spot

While the nests by my house could be considered as a Cluster spawn as there literally is around 6 different Pokemon that spawn at each point, however at each spawn point one specifically shows up in groups of 2 or 3. 

Where I’m going with this is, maybe players are disregarding these spawns as clustered spawns instead of actual nests. I’d hate for players to miss out on a huge opportunity to capitalize on some major exp from evolution. I do have to mention from reports of some of these frequent spawn points, while catching Pokemon from the nest players would receive a variety in Pokemon while visiting these points as’well. When I went to a port that had a water base spawn; I would receive a majority of Poliwag, while having the occasional Magikarp and Goldeen.

Have you experienced anything similar? Let me know at my twitter handle @UchihaKoji and I’ll be sure to retweet this and continue to look into these clustered spawn points. I’d really like for you guys to pay attention to your spawn points and be sure to capitalize on all XP possible as I know how the grind feels to level 30 or above.

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