This Is What Happens When A Gym Is Deleted With Your Pokemon In It


This Is What Happens When A Gym Is Deleted With Your Pokemon In It

Imagine placing a 98% IV Dragonite in a gym, confident in your domination prowess. Then, imagine waking up the next day only to discover Niantic has removed the gym entirely. The horror! This is exactly what happened to one Reddit user, Jerrrryli:

“So now I can never get that pokemon back (3067 Dragonite) 98% IVs. On the brightside I get permanent coins everyday. I’m sure this will be fixed eventually. Anyone else experience this?”

After reaching out, I was given more details:

On 7/16 I dropped a Dragonite (3067 CP) into a level 10 gym in a residential/park area in Irvine, CA. It was the highest Pokemon in the gym. The gym has since been removed (but I’m not sure exactly when) but my Dragonite still has the “in gym” sign. I get the daily rewards but Niantic has not returned the Dragonite back to my party yet.”

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According to Jerrrryli, he still receives the gold bonus everyday despite the gym not “existing.” Some theorize the gyms are removed from public eye and are permanently removed later; such assertion suggests the Pokemon will, in fact, be returned to the user and the defender bonus will eventually relinquish.

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Until then, enjoy the free gold!

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