Goku Black is God King Zamasu? A Supreme Kai?

Goku Black is God King Zamasu? A Supreme Kai?

Goku Black is God King Zamasu? A Supreme Kai?

Dragon Ball Super Episode 47, Goku Black made his terrifying debut in the series by killing Future Bulma and Mai from what has been implied till now. However, from the preview of Dragon Ball Super episode 48, we know Future Trunks successfully managed to escape from the hands of Black and returned to our timeline.

Since then everyone is thinking who exactly is Goku Black? but one of theory suggests that  Goku black is none other God King Zamasu.

According to the theory, The dead body of Future Goku was stolen by God King Zamasu and fused with himself with Potara earrings and that also makes sense since we saw that Future Goku[Goku Black] is still suffering from heart disease but not as much as before. More to that Goku Black had time ring, which is used by Supreme Kais only, so it’s likely that God King Zumasu is the one who is using Goku’s body.

So for that is the only possible explanation to that, what do you think? who is Goku Black? comment below.

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