Ashura’s decision, Naruto Shippuuden 467 review


Continuing where it had left off, the brothers journey seems to be ending as they both almost finished their duties. Ashura seems to be keeping his personality intact and making more friends on the way. While much of Indra’s story it never revealed, except for few glimpses that shows him going deep into darkness. These episodes might be really boring since we all waiting for action but they are what you should watch if you seek deeper understanding.

 : In Ashura’s case the old man explains how the land was and the starvation suffered way before the divine tree cam to be. It seems as thousands of people starved to death as the area was deserted. But then the divine tree started sprouting which enriched the soil and provided water resulting in people saved. But this all was contaminated by the tree’s sap which was the main cause of the problem. In fact everything within the village was also in the same state including food.

 : Hagoromo reminisces of his sons characteristics again as he is stuck on choosing the Ninshu’s successor. At least Gamamaru was on the sides offering advice where need be. This part is crucial in order to understand what has really driven Hagoromo on choosing the successor.

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