Does Sasuke & Sakura’s relationship make sense psychologically?

Sakura Sasuke Love

Written By: MarbinUchiha

Please read all of it before you comment, I will not repeat myself. It is annoying.

First off, I really don’t think I need to explain Sakura’s feelings towards Sasuke. As we all know how she’s felt for the whole series. That being said I’m going to explain how it is possible that Sasuke who murdered, hated & fell into the darkness, fell in love with someone he tried killing more than once.

Itachi plays a huge role in this, so I will be mentioning him alot.

Since theres alot to talk about, I’ll start start from the beginning. Sasuke LOVED Itachi. As an infant, Sasuke would cry when other people held him including his family but when Itachi held him, it would calm him down & make him happy. Even as a child he needed love & affection. Without it, he was upset. Sasuke as a baby, could sense what made him happy the most. As Sasuke grew up, he & Itachi spent alot of time together but at the times that Itachi couldn’t hang out, he would poke Sasuke in the head as a sorry gesture but also, he only did it with Sasuke, which made Sasuke forgive him. When Itachi killed his whole family not only did it hurt Sasuke to lose everyone he loves but to be told by Itachi that “he never loved him”, It not only broke his heart but changed him completely.


Sasuke no longer wished to have friends or any loved ones or close ones because of what Itachi did to him. No longer did he see humans as humans but as tools for his revenge. When he met new people, he evaluated them & judged them, if they were weaker than him then they were of no use to him & therefore should not be paid any attention. Sasuke didn’t care about what people thought about him especially the girls that had a crush on him, especially Sakura. When he was assigned to team 7, he viewed Naruto & Sakura as nothing but nuisances. He deemed Sakura annoying & useless to him. To those that he deems stronger than him he wishes to learn from them so that he can surpass them. That’s why he followed Kakashi’s instructions & started believing in teamwork.

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