How Strong Would Konoha Be If Fugaku Uchiha Became The 4th Hokage?!

Fugaku Uchiha Naruto ANime

How Strong Would  Konoha be If Fugaku Uchiha Became The 4th Hokage?! It was said that the 4 main candidates to become the 4th Hokage were Danzo, Fugaku, Minato, and Orochimaru.

Minato was probably still the best candidate but if Fugaku became the 4th Hokage, how do you think the Uchiha situation would have unfolded?

Could he have controlled the Nine Tails and saved the village when Obito attacked, thus resulting in the Uchiha not being relocated and “shunned”? Let’s talk about few things that would have changed.



First of all, if Fugaku was the type of person he was in the Itachi shinden adaptation he really should have become hokage. Besides as Co-founders of the village the Uchiha deserved a good position in the village, which they never got.

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