The Demon God Black Goku- Dragon Ball Super Theory

Black Goku and Demon God Demigra

Dragon Ball Super Episode 47 will finally be aired on FUJI TV on June 12TH, 9AM (US TIME). Hopefully, the episode will explain the crisis situation of Future Trunk’s timeline and at the very least give us an idea about the origin of Black Goku. The episode is highly anticipated also because TOEI has teased the death of Future Bulma through the latest Trailer. But currently we are still on the assumption stage. Since Goku and Vegeta are now Gods don’t you think to counter them the main antagonist Black Goku should also have god-tier powers? Read further to find out more.

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Almost everyone has to come to a common conclusion that Black Goku Is being controlled by someone. His body and mind are being influenced.


And from the very beginning, a very valid prediction has been that Demon God Demigra is controlling Goku. I take it as a valid prediction and believe there’s a good possibility that he might in-fact be the one.


In this article, I will highlight 3 vital points supporting this prediction.


  1. Potara Earrings:


Okay, as you can see in all the pictures of Black Goku released till date. He is wearing a Potara. And there’s one more character who wears the exact same looking Potara and he is Demigra.

newp (1)

Potara earrings are used for permanent fusion.  if two individuals each wear one earring on opposite ears, the true power of the artifacts is revealed. The earrings have the ability to fuse two people into a single entity, substantially enhancing the abilities of both individuals. But Potara is also worn by the Supreme Kais as part of their standard outfits. And it has no special property in that case.

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