Dragon Ball Super: Could Turles Be Black Goku?

Black Goku Dragon Ball Super

Though it’s very unlikely to happen a huge part of the Dragon Ball fandom is constantly assuming that ‘ Black Goku ‘ might actually be Turles. According to that theory, Since they look alike Future Trunks mistook him for Goku. And thus while warning our warriors he used the term ‘ Black Goku ‘.

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For those of you who don’t know yet. Future Trunks is coming back on episode 47 which will mark the start of the new arc. And the new main villain is probably going to be Black Goku. He is going to cause so much chaos that it will even include the God Of Everything- The Omni-King.

So, from the information we got till now it looks like Black Goku would be a very tricky and strong threat. But we didn’t get any confirmation as to how this is going to happen or what this Black Goku really is. But obviously we the fans are making predictions and theories in our attempt to find out.


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