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Zeno-Sama’s Appearance in DBS Might Actually Be More Problematic Than You Think

The two Zeno-samas are adorable characters in the Dragon Ball Super. And beside from being adorable characters, they are also the King of Everything. They share that title now that there are two of them Iiving in the mainstream timeline, courtesy of Goku.

Before them, the most powerful characters are threats to Earth’s (and other planet’s) safety. If you count the events of Dragon Ball GT, you can say that the Z Warriors’ fights are only limited to enemies appearing in Universe 7. However, things have changed with the introduction of Gods of Destruction. Things escalated quickly right after the moment when Beerus decided to spare Earth because of its delicious food.

The thing about Dragon Ball’s charm lies on Goku’s ability to surpass his enemies. Whenever he gets new transformation, he automatically become a fan’s favorite at the moment of his transformation. Even if you’re a Vegeta fan, or a Gohan fan, you also get satisfaction when Goku reaches new heights and gain more power.

hit vs jiren

This routine, which has been going on for almost 30 years, was actually broken when Toei and Akira Toriyama decided to introduce Zeno-sama in the Dragon Ball Super. How could this cute symmetrical five year-old-esque God be the disaster that long time Dragon Ball series fans wanted to avoid?

It is very simple, Zeno is where Goku’s limit lies. He is the King of everything, the most powerful being in the whole existence of existence. He is the existence existence. He is the ultimate God.

There will be a time when Goku will definitely surpass Beerus. After surpassing Beerus, he will soon surpass Beerus’ master, Whis. Whis will be Goku’s stepping stone to battle the Grand Priest, which is the second most powerful entity in this whole multiverse. When the Grand Priest is just a thing in the past, Goku will of course challenge Zeno-sama, the strongest and most powerful entity in this whole series.

And after that, what will happen? Goku might or might not defeat Zeno, he might not fight him at all. Who knows? Maybe Zeno-sama was not really an entity fitted for battle. Either way, Zeno-sama will be Goku’s last destination, his last goal. And this is where the whole DB series ends. Even now, Goku can surpass the Gods of Destruction in his Ultra Instinct state. His path to Zeno-sama might just be very short.


Leaked Photos Of DBS Episode 111 Reveals U6 Namekians Vs Piccolo And Gohan

xt episode. The next episode will feature Hit and Jiren’s fight, a battle perfect for the aftermath of Goku’s defeat. Who wouldn’t want to watch a great battle unfold after another great battle?

But it seems like Hit and Jiren will not be the only one who will be emphasized in this episode. It seems like Frieza will actually help Goku recover by giving him energy like Goku did during their first encounter in Planet Namek way back on Dragon Ball Z. This can be seen on the leaked photo of episode 111.

Another leaked picture shows the master and pupil, Piccolo and Gohan together while charging for a battle. The good thing is, even after a lot had happened to them, they are still capable of fighting against strong enemies. The duo seem to have recovered after the debacles that had befallen on them in the earlier part of the Tournament of Power.

But the more interesting part will be asking this question: “who will be Gohan and Piccolo’s next enemy?” The answer will be a very interesting one. As seen on the leaked photo below, the two Namekians of Universe 6 will be introduced next episode. They are charging with the same style like Gohan and Piccolo. This could only mean one thing: an ultimate Namekian battle will happen.

Like the Saiyans of the twin universes, Universe 6 Namekians appears a little different compared to Piccolo. They still have that pink muscle mark (I don’t really know what to call them) and they are still green in color, but they have a darker shade of green. Also, their clothing differs a lot

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