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What To Expect From Youth Of May Episode 8?

Youth Of may episode 8 release date: what to expect
Youth of May cr: KBS2

Youth Of May is an ongoing South Korean Television Series. It has absolutely captured the audience’s heart. From the cast to the storyline, everything is perfect. Also, fans are loving the chemistry between Lee Do Hyun and Go Min Si. And, the characters are very interesting, especially the main characters. Although the drama hasn’t been doing well with its viewership rating it is quite awesome, people should give it a chance. Because it could move the coldest of hearts. The drama is about the youth of 1980 and the problems they faced. To be more specific, this drama is about the youth of 1980. As many Koreans may know, during the May of 1980, many students were mercilessly shot down and arrested when they were protesting for their rights.

As already mentioned, every character is amazing and lovely. Hee Tae is the illegitimate son of an Anti-communist. Despite his father, he is deeply fond of music. His fondness might have come from his mother, who had died when he was going to graduate. Hee Tae had gone through a terrifying past and hasn’t told anybody about it. The next character is Myung Hee. Myung hee is known for putting others’ needs before hers. She is the eldest daughter and earns money by working as a nurse. She had been punished in the past because she stood up against the government. Both of them meet in a pretty unexpected way and have a lot of problems coming in the way. The problems started when Kim Nam Gil and Soo Ryeon’s father had decided to make Hee Tae and Soo Ryeon marry.

Fans are wondering where the drama will lead us to. Keep reading to find out what might happen in the upcoming episodes.

What To Expect?

Youth of may episode 8 release date and preview

Youth Of My cr: Viki

We could expect to find out what had happened to Myung Hee? Of course, all of us know that Hwang Gi Nam, Hee Tae’s father, has something to do with it. It could have been because he thought Hee Tae’s feelings for Myung Hee were coming in the way of his business blooming. As you know, rumors had started to spread that Hee Tae was seeing someone after he had been engaged to Soo Ryeon. So, they had decided to call off the engagement. Hee Tae’s father, of course, might have been unhappy by that and had kidnapped Myung Hee. He might have kidnapped Myung Hee because he wanted Hee Tae to get frightened by him. But something tells the audience his wickedness won’t stop here. Kim Nam Gil gives us goosebumps because of his heartless and cold personality.

Youth of may episode 8 release date: What to expect

Soo Ryeon and Myung Hee hanging out cr: KBS

Fans are worried about what will happen to our favorite characters now. Of course, Kim Nam Gil might free Myung Hee if Hee Tae agrees not to meet her ever again and to listen to Kim Nam Gil only. Or Kim Nam Gil might keep Myung Hee and threaten Hee Tae that he might hurt her again. Also, what will happen to Soo Ryeon and Myung Hee’s friendship? Nobody wants anything to happen, their gorgeous friendship. But the last time they had talked, they had a bad fight. Let us hope that they would make up like good friends always do. But what is lingering in the viewer’s mind is the first few minutes of the beginning of the drama. They had shown a body on the railway tracks and a man who saw the body suicided.

Youth Of May Episode 8 Release Date

Youth Of May has till now released seven splendid episodes that have grasped its audience. It has released seven out of its twelve episodes. Youth Of May Episode 8 will be released on 25 May, Tuesday. Fans are hoping that none of their favorite characters would have a bad ending. To be clearer, they don’t want anyone to die. The episodes have taken a turn from happy to frightening. We can’t say this enough, but Kim Nam Gil is very scary. He seems to be those characters that would clear anything that comes in his way. So do not miss a single episode, and don’t forget to watch the eighth episode.

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