‘Young Lady & Gentleman’ Episode 51 Release Date: Will Things Go Back To Normal?

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'Young Lady & Gentleman' Episode 51

Fans are desperately waiting for Episode 51 of ‘Young Lady & Gentleman’. Things have been crazy in the previous episodes. From Young Guk trying to move on from Dan Dan to them getting back together. A lot has happened. But before the two could come together, they had to go through some more trouble. As Dan Dan reached Young Guk’s office asking if she could get her job back. But Young Guk was not sure if he could let her in once again. While Se Jong and Se Chan were happy with Dan Dan, Je Ni was angry at her for dating her father.

As the two kids went on to tell Young Guk that they only want Dan Dan, he sternly denied it. Asking Dan Dan to meet once again, he told her that she won’t be getting the job back. As things will only repeat if they get back together, he asked her to move on. On the other side, Anna had decided that she won’t be getting the surgery and would just accept her fate. But Soo Cheol asked her to stay alive. Now adding a little more time to her life, Anna wants nothing but to spend some time with Dan Dan.

'Young Lady & Gentleman' Episode 51
A still from ‘Young Lady & Gentleman’

‘Young Lady & Gentleman’ Recap: As The Secret of Jun O & Mi Rim Is Out

Mi Rim and Jun O were on the road with each other when Yeong Sil and her mother saw them. Getting to know that Mi Rim was living with Jun O and that the two were dating, Yeong Sil and her mother were banging their heads on the wall. Thinking about how Mi Sook would rip Mi Rim’s hair out for dating her son, Yeong Sil was already accepting the bad things. But despite the consequences, neither Jun O nor Mi Rim wanted to break up with each other.

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As the two were talking, Mi Sook ended up hearing that Jun O was living with Mi Rim. Running straight to his house, she went on to confront him about all the lying. Asking Jun O to forget about Mi Rim, Mi Sook wanted to keep Jun O under her shadow. But Jun O had had enough of it. With Jun O leaving the house, Mi Sook went on to talk to Yeong Sil and her mother. Both families were against Mi Rim and Jun O’s relationship and them living together.

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Young Guk Tries To Move On…

Bringing along with her friend Ji Min who liked Young Guk, Se Ryeong went on to have dinner with her brother. Trying to move on, he asked Se Ryeon to make further plans with Ji Min. Meeting up with Ji Min for another date, the two got along pretty well. As Dan Dan was hanging out with Hyun Bin, he went on to ask her out. Denying his proposal, she told him that she had feelings for someone else. Asking Young Guk to meet her, she asked him who was the woman at the hotel with him. And getting to know it was his girlfriend, Dan Dan told him how wrong it was.

'Young Lady & Gentleman' Episode 51
A still from ‘Young Lady & Gentleman’

Not realizing it then, Young Guk went on to introduce his kids to Ji Min. But later on, Young Guk confessed that he has feelings for someone else, Ji Min confessed that she’s not ready for his kids. And the two mutually parted ways.

‘Young Lady & Gentleman’ Episode 51 Release Date & What To Expect?

‘Young Lady & Gentleman’ Episode 51 will release on March 26, 2022, at 7.50 PM KST. As all of the cards Dae Ran had were suspended, she has sneaked into Young Guk’s house. While on the other side, Cha Gun reached Sa Ra’s house but got to know that her family had moved out. Talking to her mother the one last time in jail, Sa Ra asked her to not look for her ever again. Having no one by her side, Sa Ra was all alone in an empty apartment with a baby on the way.

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Where To Watch ‘Young Lady & Gentleman’ Episode 51 With English Subtitles?

‘Young Lady & Gentleman’ Episode 51 will be available to watch on the streaming platforms Rakuten Viki & Viu.

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