‘Young Lady & Gentleman’ Episode 42 Release Date: Will Dan Dan Be Able To Find Her Birth Mother?

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Young Lady & Gentleman Episode 42
'Young Lady & Gentleman' Episode 42

With things getting messy in the Park family, fans are waiting for ‘Young Lady & Gentleman’ Episode 42 to release. While Yeong Sil doubts that Anna is trying to steal Soo Cheol away through Dan Dan, she’s not stopping herself from speaking her mind. Getting to know that Soo Cheol and Anna had been roaming in the park linking arms, she was furious. Thinking about the time Anna begged her to send Soo Cheol to the States, Yeong Sil realized that she was almost selling her husband and that there was definitely something going on between them. Running to Anna’s house, she went on to confront her.

Realizing Anna was the one for whom Soo Cheol left his family and work, Yeong Sil attacked her in her own house. As Soo Cheol reached work, Yong Pil told him that his brother told Yeong Sil about his affair with Anna. Running to see Anna, he saw her office completely destroyed. On the other side, Soo Cheol has been losing his mind over Dan Dan and Yeong Sil. While his wife won’t keep her hands to herself and threatens Anna to stay away from him. Hearing that Young Guk called Dan Dan at home made him furious once again as he went on to ask Young Guk why he wouldn’t let his daughter leave. Dan Dan decided to speak up and defended Young Guk. Asking her father to leave her alone, the family once again got into a huge fight.

'Young Lady & Gentleman' Episode 42
A still from ‘Young Lady & Gentleman’ Episode 42

‘Young Lady & Gentleman’ Recap: Confrontations

Along with Se Chan, Je Ni, and Se Jong, Young Guk and Dan Dan went to the vacation house for Dan Dan’s farewell party. Letting themselves go from all their troubles, the two lovers played with the kids. From playing different games to having a snow fight and flying kites, they did it all as the kids wrote Dan Dan sweet messages on the kite, looking at Je Ni wishing Dan Dan to meet a good boyfriend in the States brought Young Guk’s smile down. While the kids were happy looking at the sky, Young Guk and Dan Dan looked at each other promising that they’d meet each other after years. Finally, the day for Dan Dan’s departure came.

Telling the kids goodbye, she asked to stay healthy and not create any more troubles. Crying on her way back home in the car, Dan Dan found her whole family waiting for her at the dinner table.

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Still paranoid after days and thinking about the things that might’ve happened between Soo Cheol and Anna, she couldn’t sleep. Looking at Soo Cheol sleeping peacefully beside her, she thought of strangling him with the pillow, and cry and ask what happened between the two and if they slept together or not. While on the other side, back home to deliver the flowers, Sa Ra sat down with Dae Ran and got to know about Dan Dan leaving. On the door, Sa Ra found her ex waiting for her but ignored him. Following her to the flower shop, he asked her to talk for a bit. Asking about where his son is, he asked her to start over with the family together. But trying to kick him out, she ended up pouring water over Cha Gun.

'Young Lady & Gentleman' Episode 42
A still from ‘Young Lady & Gentleman’ Episode 42

‘Young Lady & Gentleman’ Episode 42 Release Date & What To Expect?

‘Young Lady & Gentleman’ Episode 42 will release on February 20, 2022. Following Soo Cheol, Yeong Sil saw him meeting Anna once again. As the two talked, Yeong Sil ended up hearing that Anna was Dan Dan’s daughter. Before she could create a scene, he took her out and told her everything that had happened till now between them. Meanwhile, Se Jong has been acting like a cupid between Se Ryeon and Dae Beom. Visiting Anna’s office, Dan Dan stumbled upon her childhood pictures and the hint that Anna might be her birth mom.

Where To Watch ‘Young Lady & Gentleman’ Episode 42?

‘Young Lady & Gentleman’ Episode 42 will be available to watch on streaming platforms Rakuten Viki and Viu.

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