Yet Another Major Fairy Tail Dies In Final War?

Fairy Tail final season is going all guns blazing and in the midst of it all yet another major character has died at the hands of the war. All Fairy Tail mages and their allies are defending the empire with their flesh and blood and it is obvious that they will suffer some serious casualties as well.

Even though there haven’t been a huge amount of deaths in the war but the ones that have died the fans have really felt some real pain in their hearts for the characters. We have already seen Natsu escaping death with a slender margin but again he’s the protagonist so he wouldn’t have died at that point.

In episode 309 we saw Irene using a spell that multiplied the strength of Alvarez Empire’s soldiers to insane amounts, with the good guys running out of stamina it was clear that their defeat and deaths were inevitable. In order to save his comrades and destroy Alvarez Empire’s soldiers, Makarov stepped up and used his spell of Fairy Law.

This law eliminated all of the forces of Alvarez Empire and hence saved the lives of the ones that Makarov wanted to save. Fans thought this is one of those moments that the good guy comes and makes everything okay, it was that moment but it was different as well because using this spell for long meant it drained the life out of Makarov and in the end his life was taken because he used this life-threatening spell to wipe out the enemies.

This was a really heroic death that he got in the end as what triggered him into using this magic was the crying of children who were suffering at the hands of the enemies.

Makarov's death

In the end, Makarov turned into a frozen statue and this is now another one of the casualties of the war. But as we know that anything can happen in Fairy Tail as it is a shonen anime.

It can bring back Makarov as they did with Gajeel. If they did bring Makarov back, it is going to be a disappointing thing for me because he just died such a heroic death and what is the fun of war if everyone keeps on getting back from being dead. So, let us hope for the sake of the heroic death of Makarov that he stays dead forever.

Do mention what your thoughts are on Makarov’s heroic death and whether or not you want him to be revived again in the comments section down below.

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