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Yellow Sky Filming Locations: What Happened To The Money?

Yellow Sky Filming Locations

Yellow Sky was theatrically released in December of the year 1948. The movie is based on an unpublished novel Yellow Sky, written by W.R Burnett. Yellow Sky falls in the category of a love story where a condemned person visits a forgotten town after robbing a bank. Meanwhile, he comes in contact with an old man and his granddaughter. Yellow Sky is based on the 40s era, and therefore, it would be interesting to know its filming locations. In the article ahead, we will be discussing the filming locations of Yellow Sky and much more than that.

There are several people involved in filming Yellow Sky, such as William A. Wellman, who is the director of the movie. Then comes Lamar Trotti, who was the producer. It is also renowned that the movie is based on William Shakespeare’s play The Tempest. Without wasting any more time, let us discuss the filming locations of Yellow Sky and many more.

Yellow Sky

Still from Yellow Sky

Yellow Sky Filming Locations

The main part of the movie is the deserted village, where the actor and actress filmed almost all the scenes. But building this village was a piece of cake. The forgotten town was built by 150 women and men. This village was built near a desert called Lone Pine, which is located in California. The set was constructed after demolishing another movie set, which was named Last Outpost, built by Tom Mix.

The exterior of the village was shot at Death Valley National Monument, located in California. The production team has created a set Furnace Creek Inn and Camp for cast and crew members.

Yellow Sky Filming Locations - Alabama Hills

Alabama Hills

The other filming locations of Yellow Sky are Alabama Hills near Lone Pine, located in California, and Owen Lake, which is also situated in California.

The Plot

The movie shows the year 1867 when a young man named James “Stretch” Dawson created a group of robbers to rob the central bank. The goal gets fulfilled and they have to run to save their lives. Unaware of their path, they reached an abandoned village called Yellow Sky. The village has only two residents, a young lady Mike, and her grandfather.

Soon Stretch starts liking Mike. During that, Dude watches grandpa mining gold. He tells everyone about grandpa’s deed. The very next day, Mike and Grandpa were taken to the top of the mountain. Stretch and Dude were fighting over the leadership. Seeing the opportunity, Mike wants to shoot but soon surrenders when a man shoots on his Grandpa’s leg.

The Story of Gold

Grandpa is the owner of gold worth $50,000. He decides to split the gold. In one scene, lengthy forcefully throws himself on Mike. Meanwhile, Run and Stretch arrive and save her, and they punish Lengthy. The next morning, some friend of Grandpa arrives, to whom Grandpa tells nothing about the gang. Dude gets greedy and wants to get all the gold. Therefore, he shoots Stretch, which makes him fall unconscious on the ground.

A Scene from Yellow Sky

A Scene from Yellow Sky

Mike arrives at the spot and takes him to her home. Meanwhile, the gang member thinks that Stretch is dead. In his greediness, Dude shoots Length, but this time he misses. He also shot Bull Run. This made the other two gang members (Walrus and Half Print) return to Strike. They tell everything to Stretch, which makes him go after Dude and Lengthy. In a saloon, all three of them shoot at each other. When Mike arrives, she finds that Length and Dude are shot dead.

In the end, Stretch, Walrus, and Half Print return to the bank wearing the clothes of Dude and Lengthy. They returned the robbed money and went back home with Grandpa and Mike.

Cast and Characters

The important cast and characters that were involved in filming Yellow Sky are as given. Gregory Peck played the character of James “Stretch” Dawson, and Anne Baxter played the role of Mike. Richard Widmark played the character Dude. Robert Arthur played Bull. John Russell played Lengthy. James Barton played the character Grandpa, Harry Morgan played the character of Half Print, Charles Kemper played Walrus, and many others were part of the film as well.

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