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Yappari Oshii Keiji Episode 4 Preview and Recap

unfortunate detective
unfortunate detective season 2

Yappari Oshii Keiji episode 3 was released on 21st March 2021. Yappari Oshii Keiji is currently an ongoing Japanese drama starring Kazama Shunsuke in the lead role. Kazama Shunsuke is playing the role of a detective named Oshii Takafumi. It is a sequel to the drama Oshii Keiji. Oshii Takashi is playing the role of a detective with excellent reasoning power but luck doesn’t support his maximum time and he loses sight of the criminal while someone else takes the credit for the same. In Oshii Keiji, we saw he was transferred to the Utobashi Police Station where he faced new challenges.

Yappari Oshii Keiji Episode 3 Recap

Yappari Oshii Keiji episode 3 was released on 21st March and continued from when it ended previously. The drama has a total of 8 episodes out of which only 3 have been aired so far. The episode starts with Oshii Takafumi and Yokode Toru having a conversation. Later he visits a crime scene to investigate it when a few children almost attacked him, he always gets a hold of things better than others it’s just that often luck doesn’t favor him. Along with Mirayama Kurumi, Oshii Takafumi and Yokode Toru discuss the major to minute details. The third episode mostly deals with the principal of a school, whose sudden mishap brings the case directly to Oshii Takafumi. Oshii Takafumi tries hard to find the root cause and states he think he’s not wrong this time. Further, as he deep dives into the case he comes to a conclusion that wasn’t really the actual case. Later a small boy comes in and helps to solve the case as to who is responsible for the death of their principal which leaves Oshii Takafumi in utter shock and the episode ends thereafter.

Yappari Oshii Keiji

Japanese drama Yappari Oshii Keiji

Episode Schedule of the Drama Yappari Oshii Keiji

The drama Yappari Oshii Keiji has a total of 8 episodes. It started airing on 7th March 2021 and will soon go off-air on 25th April 2021. It only airs one episode a week that is on Sunday. The duration of each episode is approximately 50 minutes. It is a sequel to the drama Oshii Keiji and the two main leads are the same as before. Due to the covid-19 pandemic, the sequel to the drama couldn’t air immediately and it took a while to come back. For a better understanding of the drama, its episodes, and airing date the episode schedule is mentioned below-

  • Yappari Oshii Keiji Episode 1 – 7th March 2021
  • Yappari Oshii Keiji Episode 2 – 14th March 2021
  • Yappari Oshii Keiji Episode 3 – 21st March 2021
  • Yappari Oshii Keiji Episode 4 – 28th March 2021
  • Yappari Oshii Keiji Episode 5 – 4th April 2021
  • Yappari Oshii Keiji Episode 6 – 11th April 2021
  • Yappari Oshii Keiji Episode 7 – 18th April 2021
  • Yappari Oshii Keiji Episode 8 – 25th April 2021
Yappari Oshii Keiji

Japanese drama Yappari Oshii Keiji

The Cast of Yappari Oshii Keiji

As for the cast Kazama Shunsuke has been cast as the main lead for playing the role of Oshii Takafumi. In a major support role, we have Inukai Atsuhiro as Yokode Toru. Shiraishi Sei as Mirayama Kurumi, Hashimoto Ryo as Shokouchi Sakuru, Ishikawa Ren as  Haida Ena, Takeda Shinji as Yoshikawa Akira, Itao Itsuji as Itada Kiyoshi and Sano Shiro as Enoshita Chikara. In guest roles, we’ll get to see Hagiwara Minori as Shima Arisa, Asakura Aki as Bito Ryoko, and Wakatsuki Yumi. Yappari Oshii Keiji’s prequel was based on the novel “Oshii Keiji” by Sho Fujisaki and even the sequel follows a similar storyline. The direction of the drama has been done under Yamamoto Daisuke and the screenwriting under Uda Manabu.

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The main lead of the drama, Yappari Oshii Keij is Kazama Shunsuke. He is a 37-year-old Japanese actor and singer. He has been in the industry for a long and has now made a place for himself. He has appeared in several dramas, movies, specials, and tv shows. A few of his famous works include Yappari Oshii Keiji, Oshii Keiji, Soredemo Ikite Yuku, Cats don’t come when you call, chat, and Kioku Sosa 2-Shinjuku higashi sho Jiken Fairu. He is also a member of TU-YU and has mostly appeared as major support leads in drama and movies.

Yappari Oshii Keiji Episode 4 Release Date

Yappari Oshii Keiji episode 4 will be released on 28th March. The drama is currently ongoing and can be watched on the original network NHK every Sunday. With the duration of each episode being 50mins. The drama started airing on 7th March 2021 and will end on 25th April 2021. The genres of the drama include comedy, drama, and detective. It is also popularly known as After all a good detective, Unfortunate detective 2, and Absolutely Unfortune detective. The 4th Episode is going to air in less than 3 days so be ready for some more comedy and drama.

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