Ya Boy Kongming! Anime Announced! Here’s Everything To Know

Ya Boy Kongming Release Date
Ya Boy Kongming! Release date

One thing that has always attracted non-anime viewers to watch anime is comedy. Even without context, these anime scenes carry the ability to make anyone roll on the floor laughing. Would 2022 ever be complete without at least one rib-tickling anime coming to life? For all those who live for the humour, congratulations because there is one long-awaited comedy manga getting animated and released this year. In 2021, an anime adaptation of Ya Boy Kongming! was announced. As of Winter 2022, the studio has confirmed it to be a spring anime. The source of the anime is quite popular among Japanese manga readers, and they have long waited for its anime adaptation. Finally, here, we have also received the release date for Ya Boy Kongming! With the updates of its teasers and PV, anime fans are definitely looking forward to yet another interesting and hilarious anime.

Ya Boy Kongming! is based on a manga series published by Kodansha in 2019. It is written by Yuto Yotsuba and illustrated by Ryo Ogawa. The manga was primarily serialized in Comic Days and then shifted to Weekly Young Magazine. It has seven published volumes so far and is currently ongoing. Ya Boy Kongming! is the kind of series that sews together some really weird situations and makes an entirely bizarre conclusion. If you’ve loved the comedy of the sort, you must not sit this one out.

The release date and PV for Ya Boy Kongming! were recently updated. Here is everything we know about the upcoming anime.


The plot of Ya Boy Kongming! revolves majorly around Zhuge Liang Komei. He was the unrivaled general of the Three Kingdoms. With profound skills and accomplishments as a warrior, he came to be known as one of the greatest strategists of his time. However, he dies during the Battle of Wuzhang Plain. Having seen nothing but war in his life, he wishes to be born in a peaceful world when dying. Surprisingly, he reincarnates in modern-day Tokyo, the hub of parties and dance. When he visits a club with dance and music, he meets Eiko Tsukimi, an enthusiastic person who wants to become a singer. Thus begins the life of the brilliant strategist amidst singing and dancing.

Ya Boy Kongming
Official Teaser: Ya Boy Kongming!

The plot of Ya Boy Kongming! has been deemed interesting by several anime fans. With so many good plot twists within the plot, this upcoming comedy series seems very much worth the big wait.

Ya Boy Kongming! Release Date

Ya Boy Kongming! anime adaptation was announced in the fall of 2021. The anime is being anticipated by several anime fans as they look forward to seeing the manga panels come to life. On 15 January 2022, it was announced that the release date for Ya Boy Kongming! is 5 April 2022.

The anime will be broadcast nationwide on Tokyo MX, MBS, and BS NTV. There has been no announcement regarding its licensing platforms. In the most recent update, it was revealed that the anime ending theme would be titled “Kibun Jōjō ↑↑” and it will be performed by Eiko Starring 96Neko.

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Official Trailer

On 15 January 2022, the first trailer of the anime was updated, where we get to have the first look at the animation. The trailer also reveals the cast and staff members of the anime.



The anime has cast many potential voice actors. Ryotaro Okiayu will voice Zhuge Kongming, Kaede Hondo will voice Eiko Tsumiki, Shōya Chiba will voice Kabe-Taito, Hibiku Yamamura will voice Nanami Kuon, and Jun Fukushima will voice Kobayashi. We expect more cast members to be revealed soon within the winter season of 2022.


The Ya Boy Kongming anime adaptation is being produced by P.A. WORKS. Osamu Honma is directing the series’ animation as Yoko Yonaiyama compiles the scripts. Genki Hikota is composing the anime’s music in cooperation with Avex Pictures Music production. Yuta Fujii is the anime’s art director alongside Asami Eguchi, who is working on the art setting, and Motonari Ichikawa directs the color designs of the anime.

Ya Boy Kongming Release Date
Zhuge Liang Komei

The anime also has its own official website. You can check into its website for future updates.

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