X-Men and Fantastic Four Projects Hinted By Avengers Writers

It is well known that Disney’s $71.3 billion acquisition of 20th Century Fox has been a groundbreaking deal. Not only Marvel fans are excited by this but even the writers are. Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely are couple of writers that have written some seriously awesome content for the Marvel Cinematic Universe over the years.

This duo is excited about the fact the MCU might certainly be looking to make movies on comics like Fantastic Four and X-Men. While over the years X-Men movies have gained a lot of praise and popularity, most of us even haven’t heard about a couple of movies that have been made by adaptation of Fantastic Four comics. Right now MCU has its hands full with projects like the upcoming Spider-Man movie, Black Panther and Captain Marvel sequels and also Black Widow movie.

Also, Disney+ is making several Marvel-based superhero series about which the duo of writers is also excited. Well as a writer what else do you want to write about Marvel based superheroes. It is a dream job for most of us writers. Also, since now Marvel Cinematic Universe is free to adapt anything they want regarding X-Men and Fantastic Four comics this could be another new money-making machine for them.

X-Men is already very popular and Fantastic Four is crying out for someone to make a good movie on them. Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely believe that it is going to be awesome if Marvel decides to adapt these comics as well.

fantastic four and X-Men

They also added that when Marvel Cinematic Universe decides to do so, they will do it in a completely different manner and in a way no one has seen before and no one has done before.

Well, since they are official writers of most of the recent Marvel movies, it makes sense that if they are talking so enthusiastically about Fantastic Four and X-Men it might already be in the minds of Marvel Cinematic Universe to make movies regarding them as well. Right now the next big thing coming up again and again in the universe of Marvel is the Eternals.

The Eternals is a new series of movies that will make its debut presumably in 2020 but no official statement has been released by Marvel just yet. These are amazing times to be a Marvel fan as the new projects are being made in no time one after another. Do tell us what your thoughts regarding the same are in comments.

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