This week’s Smackdown Live (April 24, 2018) was something to watch for especially after the superstar shakeup. A lot of new faces crossed brands, and we could only predict the new storyline which they’ll be a part of. So, Smackdown Live went on air on 24th April, and the event was good. The main attraction, for now, was the reboot of the everlasting rivalry between Daniel Bryan and The Miz.

Big Cass Makes A Statement:

Miz started his show, The Miz TV and he was expecting to interview Daniel Bryan. This was his first show after crossing brands. Miz went on with his promo as usual and he said that he would be taking his Intercontinental title back.

He was talking about his bitter rivalry with Daniel Bryan and explained the situation especially when Daniel Bryan said that he’d punch Miz in the face.The Miz then says that he is a bit surprised to see Daniel’s everlasting despise towards him despite having a daughter as it the total opposite case for the Miz.

Miz explains how his anger and bitterness melted away the moment he became a father and he is very much surprised to not see the same from Daniel Bryan. He then questions Daniel’s closeness with his daughter, Birdie. He also explains the similarities both have and then invites Daniel to come and punch Miz in the face.

WWE Smackdown Live Results, Matches, And Winners – April 24, 2018
WWE Smackdown Live Results, Matches, And Winners – April 24, 2018

To his surprise, Big Cass makes an entrance, and he straight away makes his statement. He explains his bitterness towards Daniel Bryan as both of them were in a career-threatening position, and Daniel made his return the same day as Cass. Cass explains that it’s only about Daniel, and nobody cares about him and he is living in his shadows. Cass says that he sees himself in Daniel Bryan when he was weak and small and that’s why he despises him so much.

Cass ends the segment vowing that he’ll send Bryan back to where he belongs, “on the shelf, beaten, battered, bruised and retired.”

The camera then moves on to Daniel Bryan where he is lying down on the floor writhing in agony, with the official attending him. It seems that Big Cass thrashed Daniel while in backstage and then took Daniel’s place on the Miz TV.

Daniel Bryan’s Interview:

During his interview with Renee Young, Daniel looked seriously pissed off and he said that he is fit for the Greatest Royal Rumble match and he is surprised to see a 7-footer to act like a coward and attack from behind.He assures that he has got a match against Big Cass on Backlash, and it’s where he’ll prove Cass that size doesn’t matter when you’re in the ring tapping out.

The whole segment was great, and it seems we’ll have to wait for the Miz-Daniel feud a little bit. Big Cass’ promo was spot on, and it could be a great decision by the WWE to include Big Cass in the storyline. Hope, it turns out great down the line.

Carmella and Charlotte Flair Contract Signing:

During the segment, Carmella expresses the disrespect that she felt being a champion. She points out that she deserves more respect from the WWE Universe and she is disheartened to see the audience’s ignorance towards the highlight reel which she presented last week to celebrate her victory. She again tries to present the highlight reel, and Charlotte interrupted midway. Carmella was constantly mocking Flair, and after signing the contract, Charlotte did her signature, “Woooo!” then crashed Carmella.

Carmella was super pissed as she was returning backstage when Renee followed her when she finally had Carmella’s sign on the contract. This was overall a good segment, and Carmella did a great job to get fans’ response, and Charlotte proved her badass way. With how things going, we might see some great verbal blows sometime before we head on to Backlash.

The main attraction of the night was the feud between A.J Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura. We saw Styles leaving Shane McMahon’s office, and he was looking happy. Upon interview, he revealed that Shane has respected his request and gave him a chance to let loose against Nakamura in a six-man tag team match, before heading to the Greatest Royal Rumble.

Shinsuke Nakamura & Rusev Day vs. The Club: Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura & Rusev Day via pinfall.

We got to see a Nakamura’s new theme song. Overall it was a good match. The Club fell short when Nakamura hit Gallows with his Kinshasha and took the pin. Just after their loss, an exasperated Styles attacked Nakamura, however, it turned otherwise the moment, Nakamura hit Styles with a low blow.

Nakamura was about to lay waste to Styles but, Anderson saved him by sacrificing himself for A.J Styles. Nakamura ended the show by delivering another Kinshasha to Anderson while Styles watched it helplessly.

I liked the ending segment when they introduced the whole friendship thing in between. Now, Styles will be more motivated as his friend took the bullet in his place, and he will be looking for a revenge.Overall, this makes sure that we’ll have a great match between A.J Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura at The Greatest Royal Rumble event.

WWE Smackdown Live Matches and Events:

  • The IIconics vs. Becky Lynch & Asuka: Winner: The IIconics via pinfall.
  • A promo was shown focussing on The SAnitY as they make their way to Smackdown Live.
  • The Bar Interrupted The New Day’s candlelight pancake dinner.
  • Jimmy Uso vs. Erick Rowan: Jimmy’s wife, Naomi came out to cause a distraction which eventually helped Jimmy to secure the win.

Shelton Benjamin vs. Randy Orton: It was supposed to be a match between Jeff Hardy and Shelton Benjamin for the US Title but, Orton interrupted just like Jeff did last week. It looked like Orton would win but, a masked Sunil Singh caused a distraction by attacking Jeff from behind. Orton then hit an RKO to Sunil, and Shelton capitalized this moment and hit the distracted Orton with a Paydirt to secure the win.

Download for WWE Smackdown Live is not available, but you can watch it on WWE Network and Sony LIV.


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