World On Fire Season 2: Is It Happening?

World On Fire Season 2
World On Fire Season 2

The World War II drama by Peter Bowker World on Fire Season 2 is up for grabs. Firstly, if you’re not familiar with this program, it is a star-studded British show by BBC One chronicling the lives of regular citizens in Europe in the early 1940s. Beautifully shot on location in places like the Czech Republic and Great Britain. The production takes us to the most human side of those who suffer the carnage of the war.

After a brilliant first season consisting of seven episodes from September to November 2019 on BBC One in the UK and on PBS in the United States, the BBC commissioned a second series with basically the same cast and lots of stories to tell. According to Peter Bowker, series creator, World On Fire has many stories to tell and will do so in the following installments.

World On Fire Season 2
Is World On Fire Season 2 Happening?

World On Fire Season 2 Renewal Status & Release Date

World on Fire is confirmed for a second season. However, we still don’t know when the producers will release the finished product. Firstly, back in May 2020, Peter Bowker from the creative team of this program commented on possible plotlines for season two. But it’s been over a year since that happened, and we still are waiting. And we probably have to wait a little longer for that show to drop on BBC One. Still, rest assured that as soon as we have any official intel, we will post an update for you here at Otakukart.

There are a couple of things that might put the release of this production on slow motion. For starters, Jonah Hauer-King got cast as Prince Eric in Disney’s live-action remake of “The Little Mermaid”. And while the production crew was shooting some scenes on the island of Sardinia in 2021, there was no announcements regarding recasting. Moreover, COVID-19 also slowed down every single aspect of production, and with Omicron and Delta waves wreaking havoc over Europe, the forecast is complicated for World On Fire.

World On Fire Trailer:

Where to Watch World On Fire?

If you want to watch World On Fire, you have a few options online. Firstly, you can stream the show from Amazon Prime Video on the PBS add-on if you live in the United States and on BritBox if you live in the United Kingdom. Secondly, the show is available for purchase on Vudu, Google Play, and Apple TV.

World On Fire Cast

This star-studded cast of World On Fire has Jonah Hauer-King (from Little Women) playing Harry Chase. Julia Brown plays Lois Bennett. Lesley Manville plays Robina Chase, Harry’s mom. Ewan Mitchell plays Tom Bennett. Sean Bean (from HBO’s Game of Thrones) plays Douglas Bennett. Brian J. Smith (from Sense8) plays Webster O’Connor. The Academy Award Winner Helen Hunt (from As Good As It Gets) plays Nancy Campbell. Blake Harrison (from “The Inbetweeners”) plays Sergeant Stan, and Zofia Wichłacz (from “The Romanoffs”) plays Kasia Tomaszeski.

World on Fire Season 2 Potential Plotlines

According to Peter Bowker, creator of the series, season two will pick up on several story arcs. To begin, Lois and Kasia will meet with interesting consequences. Secondly, Series 2 will start on a historical point that coincides with the German attack in the Northwestern part of England, and another focal point will be the German theater of operations in Northern Africa. Thirdly, Bowker claims he will further develop the Websters’ family history. And Nancy will leave Germany as we learn more from her as she travels to the Soviet Union. Lastly, Lois will have a hard time in her marriage with Vernon.

World On Fire Season 2
Sean Bean in World On Fire

World on Fire Season 1 Recap

World On Fire began in 1939. Just as the Germans plan to expand all over Europe, Harry Chase, a translator, wants to help his girlfriend Kasia flee from Poland. The thing is that Harry also has another woman in his life, she is Lois, but she is in England. Nancy is a journalist stuck on the German side, watching how the Nazis cross over to Poland with no trouble on the other side of the country. Now, in France, we meet Webster O’ Connor, a gay surgeon who sees how the ghosts of war loom in his country.

Later on, after the Germans take over Poland with ease, Kasia plans to flee with her mother, but her plans are foiled as they encounter some German soldiers. Meanwhile, Harry makes it back to England and meets up with his girl Lois. And just when he’s about to tell her that he has been unfaithful, Lois tells him just how much he loves him. Harry then goes to London and loses his job for his misdemeanor in Poland. Finally, Nancy faces trouble with her journalistic work in Germany as she gets constant censorship.

The War Rages On

When we meet Tom Bennett, he antagonizes everyone around him because he refuses to go to war. But, he ends up joining the Navy, and after he sees what the fight is all about, he has a change of heart. Meanwhile, Harry got drafted, went to France, and dug trenches with a sergeant who despised him. It turns out that Lois is pregnant and has shunned Harry. Still, in France, O’Connor tries to hide his love for a musician as the environment grows ever more adverse for two gay men to express their love in public.

At the end of the Saar Offensive, Harry and his unit fight for their lives against a better-armed German army, which has them trapped. When the enemy closes in, and it’s time for Harry to prove himself as a battle leader, the fear of death gets the worst of him. We then go to Poland, where Kasia joined the resistance movement, and things go awry for them, and the Germans are brutal in their retaliation. In Germany, the censors keep harassing Nancy, and in France, O’Connor can’t treat Jewish patients in the hospital.


With little ammo, low morale, and virtually no hopes of making it out alive, Harry and the unit take the only way out of France on their way of a recently-invaded Belgium. That’s the road to Dunkirk. On their way there, they meet up with a shell-shocked O’Connor in a swamped field hospital trying to save the lives of many soldiers wounded in combat. So instead of moving on to Dunkirk, Harry stays with two Senegalese troops.
In Poland, Kasia still wages a war of attrition against the German Army. However, she made her way into the Polish Resistance top cadres. And the crews have a lot of respect for her as they plot their next moves. In England, Lois’s pregnancy moves on, and she meets a Wing Commander who falls for her.

Paris, 1940

The Germans conquer Paris without firing a single bullet. For Webster and his lover, they will never show their love in public. With the Germans in full power, Nancy is blocked from all sides. The Germans arrested the family as she was trying to help a family. After finally fleeing from Belgium, Harry makes it to Manchester with one of the Senegalese soldiers. In Poland, Kasia’s moves become riskier as her cell plans to attack the Germans, but she doesn’t know that they are out to get them.

World On Fire Season 2
World On Fire Season 2 Is Happeening, But When?

Back in England

When Harry returns to England, he becomes part of a Special Ops team and gets a shocking assignment. He has to go to Poland to assist a resistance cell targeted by the German army. And in Warsaw, things aren’t easy for Kasia, she was caught by the Germans. And just when she’s about to be executed by hanging on a public square, a bomb goes off.

Lois finally gives birth to her baby, it’s a girl, and one of her friends must tell Harry that he’s her father. When Harry learns about this, he goes to Lois’ house, but her father is shunned. Later on, Lois initially plans to reject the Wing Commander’s advances but accepts him. Harry deploys his parachute in Poland deep in the enemy territory as the final episode progresses. He meets with the Polish liaison and meets up with Kasia. Only Kasia and Harry manage to escape in an ambush by the Germans, leaving a big cliffhanger for Season 2 behind. With this, we wrap up our scoop on World On Fire here at Otakukart. Thank you for reading our piece, and please keep coming back for more daily updates on all your favorite movies, series, and shows.

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