Will Doi Shouta and Yuzuki-Sensei Be Together in World’s End Harem Episode 4?

World's End Harem Episode 4
Shouta Doi and Yuzuki-sensei in World's End Harem

Be it for Reito Mizuhara or the viewers, the World’s End Harem anime is a lot about waiting patiently for the right time. The anime was all set to premiere in October 2021 but got delayed to January 2022 due to unavoidable circumstances. The recently released Episode 3 was basically a flashback of Doi Shouta’s past life and how he ended up going into sleep for five long years. How will he adapt to his new life in World’s End Harem Episode 4? Will he become the livestock that the world needs him to become?

Doi’s high school life was nothing but a failure. He was always looked down upon, bullied, and hated just for existing. Even on the day he announced his illness, no one seemed to have cared except for Yuzu-sensei. However, now that Doi is among the handful of men alive, the tables have completely turned. He is finally getting the recognition he craved and is treated like the center of attention. Things got even more unrealistic for him when he slept with the teacher he had a crush on. Little does he know that his seemingly fantastical daydream can turn into the worst nightmare.

World’s End Harem Episode 4 Speculation, Preview, and Spoilers

In the final moments of Episode 3, Yuzu-sensei meets Doi to give him the emotional support he needs. She knows that life has been harsh for him, and she tries her best to make him feel better. However, it seems she has other motives as well. She mentions a pain in her chest that is bothering her, and she seductively asks Doi to do the trick that will ease her pain. Judging from how the Episode 4 preview was nothing but a still image of Yuzuki, It’s safe to assume that the episode will show the growing relationship between Doi and his music teacher. Meanwhile, Doi’s attendant Kamiya will be trying her best to turn Doi into a walking gene bank.

World’s End Harem Episode 3 Recap

In Episode 3, the UW (United Women) organization decides to wake Japan’s third man from his cold sleep. It took us right into the school life of Shouta Doi when his classmates used to bully him. Not even the boy whom he considered a friend stood for him while he was humiliated. Later, while playing piano, he broke down in front of his music teacher, Yuzuki Hanyu. He told her about the awful things that his classmates told him. Adding salt to his pathetic life, he was diagnosed with a terminal illness with no treatment available.

World's End Harem Episode 4
Doi sharing his traumas to Yuzu-sensei

The disease is a type of infection known as Cellular Sceloris. Doi’s only way of survival was to go on a cold sleep till treatment was discovered. Unlike Reito, Doi didn’t have many friends to bid him farewell before his seemingly eternal sleep. Rather, he bumped into the bully and his girlfriend while they were having an intimate time together. Naturally, he was beaten into a pulp for catching them in an uncomfortable position.

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Doi’s New Life in Only-Female World

Five years later, when he wakes up, things have completely changed. Yes, he had a hard time accepting that all the men were dead, and his father is currently in cold sleep with little hope of survival. However, he feels relieved by the fact that everyone who tormented him is gone, and he is finally getting recognition. The UW established a school solely for the purpose of reigniting Doi’s manly desires. When most of the pretty girls fail, Yuzu-sensei comes to meet him and promises him to reward him for fighting the disease.

World's End Harem Episode 4
Yuzuki Hanyu sensei

As scheduled, Doi arrives in Yuzuki’s apartment, where she was waiting for him in a bathrobe. Their conversation started with sensei explaining to him the world’s current situation, but it gradually got sensual with time. He slept with the teacher he had a crush on, and for the very first time, life left like a dream for Doi, and he claimed that he didn’t want to wake up if this turned out to be a dream. Later, we learn that this was UW’s plan to make Doi desire intercourse.

World’s End Harem Episode 4 Release Date

World’s End Harem Episode 4, titled “School’s Secret,” is scheduled to release on Friday, January 28, 2022, at 21:30 JST. Every new episode generally comes out on Friday, unless there’s a delay or other change in the broadcasting date.

World's End Harem Episode 4
World’s End Harem

Where to Watch

World’s End Harem is broadcasted on different television networks in Jpan, including Tokyo MX and BS Fuji. Apart from that, the series is currently available on anime streaming websites like Crunchyroll and Muse Communication. In case neither of these services are open in your country, you can resort to a high-quality VPN.

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