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Won Jin Ah Net Worth: How Rich is the Korean Actor?


If you’ve come here to know the actress Won Jin Ah and her net worth, you’ve come to the right place. The actress, who has also performed in various musicals and has recently played the role of a hotel staff who fell in love with the CEO in the movie ‘The Year-End Medley’, has slowly been making her way up to the list of Korea’s top actresses.

Owing to her lovely appearance, she has made appearances in many TV shows, the most recent one being ‘Hellbound’. Let’s dig deeper into the article to know more about the actress.

These days, netizens want to know everything about their favorite celebrity, be it their height, siblings, dating or married life, or their net worth. You are here today because you want to know more about the Korean actress Won Jin Ha, specifically the ‘net worth of Won Jin Ha’. Won JIn Ha is a great Korean actress who’s been continuously climbing the ladder to fame and success in the Korean entertainment industry. Before we get to know about the net worth of this actress, let’s get to know a little bit more about the actress.

Won Jin Ha’s Age and Height

Won Jin Ah’s birthday comes on 29th March 1991. At present, she’s thirty years old, but who cares about age when you can be the perfect noona. This Korean actor has been the female lead in the drama ‘She Would Never Know’ (2021) alongside Rowoon, who’s 5 years younger than the actress. Despite the age gap between the two leads of the drama, their chemistry was phenomenal in the series. Won Jin Ah is 165 cm tall, which means she is 25 cm shorter than Rowoon.

But their height difference only added to the cute pair’s charms. We are not going to talk about the weight of Won Jin Ah, since it isn’t a good manner to talk about a lady’s weight. Is it?


A Scene from ‘She Would Never Know’

‘Series and Movies Won Jin Ah’ has worked as the Female Lead-in

Won Jin Ah caught the eye of the public through her side role in ‘Steel Rain’. Her performance in the movie helped her build a name of her own in the Korean entertainment industry. Managed by Yooborn Company, Won Jin Ah continued to work hard and at present is one of the leading ladies in the entertainment industry. She recently did play the part of hotel staff in the multiple caste movie ‘A Year-End Medley’ (2021), alongside Lee Dong Wook, who played her romantic interest in the movie. She had worked with Lee Dong Wook before in the series ‘Life'(2018), a medical drama.


Along with these, in the past, she has also worked with Lee Jun Ho in ‘Just Between Friends’ (2017-18), a series in which she acts very well as someone who has lost her brother and her romantic involvement with the character of Lee Jun Ho. Who hasn’t gotten emotional seeing her performance in this series? She has also worked alongside Ji Chang Wook in ‘Melting Me Softly’ (2019), though the series didn’t perform so well when it came to TRP.

If you’ve watched ‘Hellbound’ (2021), you couldn’t have missed the person who played the role of a mother trying to protect her child from the demons from hell. Yes! It was Won Jin Ah.


She perfectly portrayed the character of a woman who was desperate enough to fight for the life of her child, even if it meant fighting with demons. She has also acted in a music video of a song by Lee Hi alongside Lee Je Hoon where they played the role of a couple, who fell in love with each other when they were young and haven’t left each other’s side since.


A Still from ‘Just Between Lovers’


‘Net worth of Won Jin Ah’

Won Jin Ah has slowly but successfully been trying to make a mark in the Korean Entertainment Industry. She had dreamed of becoming an actress ever since she was young, but she couldn’t pass the entrance exam for the acting academy. But this didn’t stop her from pursuing her dreams and her parents played a very important part in motivating her towards doing just that.

Although she did join a Cultural Management course when she couldn’t cross the exam, she dropped out after a year. She did part-time jobs to support her family, but her fate was to become an actress, and here she is, taking lead roles in big Korean entertainment ventures. Her Net worth right now is 4 million dollars. Her hard work and polite nature have helped her earn the value in the entertainment industry that she deserves. After appearing in various advertisements and television shows, she has become a well-known face in Korea.


Her upcoming television series, ‘Unicorn’ is one of the series we can’t miss out on, especially because of its amazing cast that includes Shin Ha Kyun and director Lee Byeong Heon, who had previously directed astounding series like ‘Be Melodramatic’ and movies like ‘Extreme Job’.

We can’t wait for Won Jin Ah’s comeback. And we know that you are as desperate as us.

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