Women in 2021 K-Dramas – Meet the Baddest & Coolest Female Leads

Women in 2021 K-Dramas – Meet the Baddest & Coolest Female Leads
Women in 2021 K-Dramas

Women in 2021 K-Dramas has been one of the greatest trend changers out there. They have set the bar high, and now fans out there are hoping to see more of such amazing characters. It would be right to say that they successfully left the whole K-Drama industry in awe with their stunning performances. From Hellbound to Happiness, several K-Dramas has brought us to the point where the scenario is changing drastically.

Now the genres are changing, and so are our female leads. All in all, the women in 2021 K-Drama ruled the industry and has left behind a very strong impression on everyone. Moreover, it has been really great to see our leads in their coolest and baddest versions. If that has not swept away everyone off their feet, then we don’t know what else will.

There was a series of hit drama series in 2021, and each of them gave us many unforgettable characters. The female leads in them have delivered very superior and sharp performances and have received huge global appreciation for the same.

Here we have summarized the list of the most influential and amazing characters of 2021 K-Dramas. Let’s have a quick look inside.

1. Min Hye-jin in Hellbound

  • Airing Period: November 19, 2021.
  • Watch on: Netflix
  • Genres: Dark Fantasy and Thriller.

Playing the role of Kim Hyun-Joo in the Netflix series “Hellbound”, Min Hye-jin is definitely one of the women in 2021 K-Dramas. Her character is someone who believes that a person’s fate is dependent on free will. In the drama series, we can see her fighting an entire mob mentality just to shield her family from the condemned at all costs.

Women in 2021 K-Dramas – Meet the Baddest & Coolest Female Leads
Min Hye Jin

Her character has been portrayed in a real tough way, and her performance has polished the same in many ways. She is not only a woman with ferocious resolve but also someone who has this entrenched desire to help vulnerable people.

Hye-jin is one of the most powerful female leads out there. She is helping people who will meet death but is also shielding her mother with cancer, and that ultimately makes her a hero.

2. Jung Ho Yeon in Squid Game

  • Airing Period: September 17, 2021.
  • Watch on:
  • Genres: Thriller, Horror, Drama, and Survival.

Squid Games was one of the biggest hits of the year 2021. The drama series gave us the women in 2021 K-Drama in Jung Ho Yeon.

She portrayed the role of Ho Yeon Jung, who with her gracious beauty and courageous personality made, took everyone into her trance. Her goal, like everyone else, was to win the prize money, which will eventually help her in digging out about her mother and fulfill the needs of her brother, who is in foster care.

Women in 2021 K-Dramas – Meet the Baddest & Coolest Female Leads
Jung Ho Yeon

Her grit determination despite a dangerous heartache made everyone fall head over heels for her. She is fearless and sarcastic, but at the same time, she is also lovable and concerned. All these qualities made her stand out from everyone in the show and come out as a real gangster.

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3. Lee Se Young in The Red Sleeve

  • Airing Period: November 12, 2021, to January 1, 2022.
  • Watch on: Viki and Apple TV.
  • Genres: Romance and Historical Drama.

Playing the character of Seon Deok Im in the South Korean drama series “The Red Sleeve”, Lee Se Young won hearts globally. It was one of the biggest hits of the year and saw a very consistent viewership. It won’t be wrong to say that Deok Im is one of the favorites of everyone out there.

Women in 2021 K-Dramas – Meet the Baddest & Coolest Female Leads
Lee Se Young

Strong-willed and independent Seon Deok Im is a court lady who always ruled her life decisions and actions. Despite being living in a very conservative era and having limited choices in everything, she managed to make her way out. We see her romance with Yi San, which is both beautiful and heartbreaking.

Se Young’s amazing performance in the drama series surely left everyone in awe. Recently she has bagged the “Best Actress” and “Best Couple” awards at the 2021 MBC Drama Awards.

4. Han So Hee in My Name

  • Airing Period: October 15, 2021.
  • Watch on:
  • Genres: Action, Thriller, Mystery, and Crime.

There is no doubt in the fact that Han So Hee left everyone astounded with her powerful performance in the South Korean drama series “My Name”. Playing a character named Ji-woo, she adapted really well to the shadows of her role.

Ji-woo watched her father’s murder which filled her with the thirst for revenge. For executing her plan, she becomes a part of the same criminal gang her father was a part of. Working under the boss’s orders, she becomes a mole in the drug unit to drag the killer out.

Women in 2021 K-Dramas – Meet the Baddest & Coolest Female Leads
Han So Hee

Of course, there are many revenge stories out there in the K-Drama world, but this is something different. Even after becoming a ruthless and skilled killer who never misses a shot, she still struggles brutally between her revenge and the idea of moving on. The mental battle is always in motion, which leads her through immense pain, death, and anguish.

The role of So Hee is tough, determined, cold, and skilled, and her sanity is tested to its farthest limits which has successfully made her one of the women in 2021 K-Dramas.

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5. Han Hyo Joo in Happiness

  • Airing Period: November 5, 2021, to December 11, 2021.
  • Watch on: WeTV, Viki, and TVING.
  • Genres: Action, Thriller, Drama, and Fantasy.

The urban-thriller drama series became one of the bangers in the year 2021 with its unique plot points and amazing characters. Critics, fans, and viewers agree strongly on the fact that Han Hyo Joo stole the show with her beauty and sharp combat skills. She played the role of Yoon Sae-bom, who is a special forces officer with strong guts and appreciative bravery.

Women in 2021 K-Dramas – Meet the Baddest & Coolest Female Leads
Han Hyo Joo

Locked inside the residential building to prevent the mutation and stop the deadly virus from expanding, Sae-bom becomes one of the baddest characters in the story. All in all, it would be right to say that she became more feared than the virus.

Her stunning self-defense techniques and amazing combat tactics make her the savior for the good and a nightmare for the worst. The character of Sae-bom is one of empowering female leads of the K-Dramas. Therefore, she is a Woman who can make anyone crumble just with her sharp and intense gaze.

6. Lee Bo Young in Mine

  • Airing Period: May 8, 2021, to June 27, 2021.
  • Watch on: Netflix and TVING.
  • Genres: Thriller, Mystery, and Drama.

Mine is one of the popular K-Dramas released in 2021. Lee Bo Young plays the role of Se Hee Soo, who is a former actress married to a man who has a son. Becoming a part of the chaebol family was not a very pleasant experience, to be summed up. The family is woven in hundreds of secrets, and they are not very good people. They always look down on Hee-Soo and always take advantage of her.

Women in 2021 K-Dramas – Meet the Baddest & Coolest Female Leads
Lee Bo Young

Hee-Soo is someone who is continuously dealing with the hardships in her extravagant life, which makes viewers sympathize in many ways. However, she still holds her ground and handles everything with grace and determination.

The character is someone with extreme emotional depth, and the way it has been portrayed and performed is just fabulous and effortless.

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7. Jeon Yeo Bin in Vincenzo

  • Airing Period: February 20, 2021, to May 2, 2021.
  • Watch on: Netflix and TVING.
  • Genres: Comedy, Law, Crime, and Drama.

Playing the role of Hong Cha Young in the record-breaking drama series Vincenzo, Jeon Yeo Bin gained global recognition. She gave an absolute stunning performance throughout the series and won millions of hearts in an instant.

Jeon Yeo Bin

Cha Young is a strong-headed lawyer who is extremely passionate and determined to solve every case under her. She has built walls around her, which is hidden by her cold and tough exterior and sharp tongue. But from inside, she is filled with a void, and her eyes are always empty. Despite all the hardships she has to go through, she always held her ground impressively. Moreover, her heartwarming chemistry with Vincenzo left everyone out there in awe. All in all, she was a great mixture of both soft and tough personalities, which has made her one of the women in 2021 K-Dramas.

8. Kim So Yeon in Penthouse: War In Life 3

  • Airing Period: June 4, 2021, to September 10, 2021.
  • Watch on: Netflix, WeTV, Viki, and Prime Video.
  • Genres: Thriller, Crime, Drama, and Family.

Kim So Yeon has given many stunning performances over the years. It would be right to say that she has always been the Women in 2021 K-Dramas. Her character in the popular drama series “Penthouse” is someone who is not to be messed up with.

Women in 2021 K-Dramas – Meet the Baddest & Coolest Female Leads
Kim So Yeon

Cheon Seo-jin is a woman who lets greed and power consume every inch of her sanity. Gradually she turns into someone who is willing to sacrifice everything to fulfill her dreams. The way the portrayal was done by Se yeon was something really amazing and appreciative. Kim So Yeon has bagged the much-deserved Daesang at the 2021 SBS Drama Awards and Best Actress at the 57th Baeksang Arts Awards.

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9. Lee Young Ae in Inspector Koo

  • Airing Period: October 30, 2021, to December 12, 2021.
  • Watch on:
  • Genres: Action, Thriller, Mystery, and Comedy.

Portraying the role of Koo Kyung Yi in the famous drama series “Inspector Koo”, Lee Young Ae gave a really good time to all her viewers. Kyung Yi is a police officer who is currently working as an insurance investigator. The death of her husband marks a big turn of events in her life. She continues to solve criminal cases despite no longer being part of the police force.

Women in 2021 K-Dramas – Meet the Baddest & Coolest Female Leads
Lee Young Ae

With the passing episodes of the show, the viewers witness a thrilling transformation in Kyung Yi. She is no longer the woman with elegance but someone who is heavily indulged in gaming and alcohol. And her performances throughout both of her sides were really impressive. She is indeed a charmer despite her messed hair and cheap clothing style. All in all, the transformation was something that has left a strong impression on everyone’s mind, and that’s why she is indeed one of the women in 2021 K-Dramas.

10. Honey Lee in One The Woman

  • Airing Period: September 17, 2021, to November 6, 2021.
  • Watch on: KOCOWA and Viki.
  • Genres: Mystery, Comedy, Romance, and Drama.

Honey Lee won hearts and awards for her stunning performance in the popular drama series “One the Woman”. She played two roles in the series i.e., of Kang Min Na and Jo Yeon Joo. Both the characters look identical to each other, which leads to a great turn of events.

Honey Lee

In an unfortunate accident, Jo Yeon Joo ends up switching lives with Kang Mi Na, who is the daughter-in-law of chaebol. The intensity with which Lee has portrayed both the roles has been really amazing and impressive.

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