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WJSN Bona’s Net Worth: How Much Does the Actress Earn?

Netwoth of WJSN's Bona
WJSN's Bona looking stylish and elegant

Bona is a member of the Korean-Chinese Girl Group formed by Starship Entertainment and Yuehua Entertainment. She is a part of the Wonder Unit, one of the four subunits of the Group, WJSN, also called Cosmic Girls. WJSN made its debut in the year 2016, and Bona, as a member of the group and as an individual artist, has taken slow but steady steps towards acquiring a stable position in the Korean entertainment industry.

Bona seems to have been interested in acting since the beginning, as just a year after her debut, she played a supporting role in the Korean drama ‘Hit the Top’ as Do Hye-Ri. In the same year, she played a leading role in the drama ‘Girl’s Generation 1979’ opposite actor Seo Young-Joo, who finally became her love interest at the end of the drama. The drama was a coming-of-age drama, and people enjoyed Bona’s role in the drama.

Just how much is Bona’s net worth? We’ll get to that, but not without digging in a little bit more into the career of Bona as an artist, be it as a member of the girl group WJSN or her acting advancements.

WJSN's Bona Networth

Bona Looking dashing in Pink Hair

Bona’s Individual Career

As we’ve mentioned before, Bona (full name- Kim Bona) had started acting early in her career, turning into an idol-actress. She started with ‘Hit the Top’ and is currently playing a role in the worldwide hit drama ‘Twenty Five Twenty One’. Bona is a member of WJSN who is the most active in the acting industry. Her worth as an actor was realized soon enough as she played the protagonist in the drama ‘Girl’s Generation 1979’ right after doing a small supporting role in her previous drama.

Later, she went on to play as the female lead in the drama ‘Your House Helper’ in which her love interest was played by the well-known actor from ‘1% of Something’, Ha Seok-Jin. The drama is a slice-of-life drama and focuses on the various problems that individuals face in Korean society.

Bona has also worked in the popular weekend drama ‘Homemade Love Story’ (which aired from 2020-21), where she played the part of the second daughter of Lee Soon Jung (played by Jeon In Hwa). The drama set against the backdrop of the chaotic Samkwang Villa, Bona’s character won her affection as she felt that with the growth of her character, she also grew a little bit as an individual. She was attached to her character.

WJSN's Bona Networth

A still from the K-Drama ‘Twenty Five Twenty One’

The role that Kim Bona is currently playing in the drama ‘Twenty Five Twenty One’ is that of a fencer who appeared to be a nasty and mean character in the first few episodes but becomes lovable once she starts interacting with Nam Hee-Do, played by Kim Tae Ri, the female lead of the drama.

Bona as a Member of Her Girl Group ‘WJSN’

Bona has been working hard as an idol turned actress. In 2016, when WJSN made its debut, Bona was introduced as an all-rounder who could do both singing and dancing, very well. She grabbed the attention of the public easily because of her beautiful face and well-built physique. Bona trained for a total of 7 years, 6 years under Cube entertainment, and 1 year under Starship entertainment.

It is easy for people to misunderstand an artist who plays the role of an idol and an actor, both at the same time. They might think that they are not giving their all to their group, but that is not something for them to decide anyway. We can never know how much effort an idol puts into working as an idol-actor.

WJSN' Bona Networth

K-Pop Girl Group WJSN

Bona’s Net worth

The 28-year-old idol actress, who currently plays the role of a gold-medalist fencer in the drama ‘Twenty Five Twenty One’, is experiencing the peak of her popularity. Through her long-term career as an idol and an actress, she has earned for herself a lot of fans and, of course, sources of income.


At present, Bona’s net worth is believed to be 1 million USD. This large sum of money is the result of her professionalism and dedication to her work. Moreover, her net worth is expected to only increase over time owing to her rising popularity.

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