Will The Mandalorian Return in ‘The Book of Boba Fett’ Episode 5?

The Book of Boba Fett episode 5 release date
'The Book of Boba Fett' streams on Disney+

“The Book of Boba Fett” Episode 5 will premiere next week, with the inevitable war between Fett and the Pyke Syndicate getting even closer. However, before we see the blasters and ships in action, Boba needs to muster up all the power he can. Fennec already has certain ideas in mind regarding that. The ending of the last episode teased Mando’s forthcoming arrival in the show. The Mandalorian motif rang as soon as Fennec mentioned credits buying some muscles for Boba in his upcoming war.

Will we see Mando in the next episode, or will he make an appearance at the last one? Apart from the exciting prospect of seeing the beloved bounty hunter return, we also have some other loose threads to tie up. Mayor Mok Shaiz is still on the run, and he’s most likely in cahoots with the Pykes. The upcoming episodes may see the whole connection getting to light and the impending war to free Tatooine of the Pyke Syndicate getting even closer. However, will the war start in the next episode, or it’ll be saved up for the finale is the big question.

Let’s now delve into all that episode 5 of “The Book of Boba Fett” will entail. Spoilers ahead!

Is Fennec shand a droid
Fennec getting modified in episode 4

‘The Book of Boba Fett’ Recap — Episode 4

Episode 4 opens with Boba submerged in his bacta tank and having a flashback. To procure his ship, he must take it back from the grabs of Bib Fortuna, who sits atop the throne Jabba the Hutt once sat upon. However, there’s a lot of security at the base, so Boba retreats for the time. In the night, as he cooks the food, he’s distracted by a distant explosion. He heads off to check it out, and that’s when he meets Fennec for the first time. She’s unconscious and has suffered a fatal injury in her gut.

Boba Saves Fennec

Boba carries her over and takes her to a mod-parlor at the outskirts of Mos Eisley. He gets her treated and healed back to health. After regaining consciousness, Fett tells Fennec he saved her life. She realizes that the help comes with a caveat, and so it does. Fett asks her to help him take his ship back from Bib Fortuna’s palace. The mission would be perilous, and Fennec says her debt would be cleared after this. Boba agrees, and they both set out to get an understanding of the palace’s layout.

Retrieving Slave I

There are many guards, so they keep track of the patrol rounds and sneak in covertly. After destroying several droids and defeating many guards, Fett manages to get his ship out of place with the help of Fennec. Although she said she’d go her own way after procuring the ship, she decided to tag along for the ride. Fett then flies out to the Sarlacc pit to find his beskar armor. On the way, he obliterates the Nikto biker gang. However, he fails to find his armor. We then jump cut to Boba and Fennec killing Fortuna and claiming the throne.

What is the name of Boba's ship
Fett takes his Slave I back to the Sarlacc pit

Meeting with Jabba’s Captains

Back to the present, Fennec gives Boba the update on the mayor’s situation. He is still eluding them, but Fennec tells Boba not to pay much heed to him right now. Boba then visits the Sanctuary, where Krrsantan is wreaking havoc and unloading his frustrations at some poor Tandoshans. Boba offers Krrsantan a job, and the hunter takes it. Back at the palace, Fennec has organized a meeting of all the captains under Jabba the Hutt, who all escaped once Bib Fortuna took over. Fennec asks them all to work with Boba. They all seem reluctant and ask why they should listen to him and not just kill him and take over. The hungry and angry rancor’s sudden banging beneath their feet scares them all straight and be a bit more cordial.

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A Successful Meeting & Preparing for War

However, they still don’t see helping Boba against his fight with the growing Pyke syndicate beneficial for them since many of them profit from the Syndicate’s trade. So Boba proposes another deal; he will take on the Syndicate on his own, but all of them have to remain neutral during the war. The captains like the idea and come to an agreement. Fennec asks Boba how much treasure they have. Boba is not worried about the credits, though. He says he’s worried about muscle, but Fennec reminds him that credits can buy him all the muscle he needs. He just has to look at the right place. Right when she makes that suggestion, we hear the Mandalorian theme play in the background — a clear indication that he’s going to make an appearance on the show very soon.

Who plays fennec shand
Boba and Fennec at the end of episode 4

‘The Book of Boba Fett’ Episode 5 Release Date

“The Book of Boba Fett” Episode 5 will release on January 26, 2022. The next episode will see the former bounty hunter try and wage his war on the Pyke Syndicate. The Syndicate has been running the already dry planet of Tatooine even drier by extracting resources for their spice trade. Boba has set his eyes on reclaiming the spice trade as well as the planet from their hold.

In the course of claiming the throne that Jabba the Hutt once owned, Boba has to gather muscle and power. So far, he has enlisted Black Krrsantan, the Rancor, Jabba’s old captains, and some of his men as well. However, it seems that taking down the syndicate might take much more power than that. And what better addition to his arsenal than the Mandalorian’s help? So gear up for some high-octane action in the upcoming episodes.

Watch ‘The Book of Boba Fett’ Online — Streaming Details

Episode 5 of “The Book of Boba Fett” will premiere on Disney+ on Wednesday, at 3:00 a.m. ET. The Disney+ original series is going to be exclusively available to stream on the parent streaming service. New episodes drop on the streamer with the worldwide premiere, so no matter where you are, you can tune in at the same time and start streaming along with the rest of the world. You can watch the show online via the Disney+ app or the official website. You can also stream “The Book of Boba Fett” on the Disney plus originals website.

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