Will RGB Change The Future In Tokyo 24th Ward Episode 5?

Tokyo 24th ward episode 5
Tokyo 24th Ward

Tokyo 24th Ward seems to be getting better after each episode as the anime deepens its plot. New mysteries are surfacing and we are getting to see new sides of the characters every time. Tokyo 24th Ward released its fourth episode and we are nothing less than surprised at the turn of events. The anime begins with a soft approach, gives us a glimpse at the mysterious (probable) antagonist, and ends with yet another banger of a cliffhanger. What started as a mysterious phone call has now escalated to a point where people are losing lives and RGB is doing everything they can to stop that from happening. The new episode has paved an exciting road for Tokyo 24th Ward episode 5 and fans can stop waiting for it. 

Previously in episode 3 of Tokyo 24th Ward, the hustle of the Gourmet Festival takes over. While some are finding foul means to win it, others are working hard for the same. However, RGB is hit with yet another vision of a tornado hitting the venue, and once again they are given two choices of saving two different groups of people. A quick misfortune leads to several deaths including that of their beloved Kaba sensei. The episode also gave us the first look at Carneades, a masked character who claims to have a hold of the future. 

In the most recent update of the newest episodes, looking forward to Tokyo 24th Ward Episode 5 has become a necessity as we look for curious answers.

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Tokyo 24th Ward Episode 4 Recap and Summary

Episode 4 of Tokyo 24th Ward is titled “Silver City”. The episode opens with the funeral of Kaba sensei. Questions are being raised about the Hazard Cast as it did not notify the tornado. At the same time, there are rumors on the web that Carneades caused the tornado. The gloom of death is set in as several people attend Kaba Sensei’s funeral.

Koki Suido

Time skips to three months later. Koki is desperate to know more about the tornado as well as Carneades. The past three months had gone without any incident or news from Carneades or Asumi. Tsukushi assigns another case to Koki. A highly addictive drug named “Drug D” is circulating around the place. He must go to Shantytown, the criminal hub of the Tokyo 24th Ward, and find the culprit.

Amidst this, the scenes change to a car meeting between Gouri Suido and Mr. Howard. Mr. Howard, also known as the “Casino King,” wants to build a casino in Tokyo 24th Ward.

Ran Akagi

Meanwhile, Ran and his team, DoRed is also trying to find more about the drug. He is running his own investigation as he finds the Carneades symbol drawn at random places.

Ran entry ep 4
Ran Akagi Enters

An addicted person is being interrogated by Lucky (v.a Eri Kitamura) and Yamamori (v.a Atsushi Imaruoka). However, when he suddenly gets violent, Ran interrupts and pins him down. Before they can interrogate him further, the SARG team appears, and DoRed decides to leave the building. On their way down, they talk about Kunai (v.a Soma Saito), a member of their group who hadn’t made an appearance yet. Ran simply says that he’s developing an app being shut in his room.

Shuuta Aoi

As usual, Shuuta is working in the family restaurant. He sees Mari, and they strike up a conversation. At a distance, they see Kozue walking alone. Worried, Mari wants to go after her, but Shuuta stops her saying it’s dangerous, so Mari persuades him to talk to her. Although reluctant at first, he does as told and walks with her. Surprisingly, she goes into Shantytown. When he tries to stop her, she expresses that she has been feeling guilty for her father’s death and wishes that she had died in his stead.

Shuuta and Kozue
Shuuta and Kozue Walk Together

She runs off, and Shuuta loses sight of her. Suddenly, a man falls in front of him, and a SARG agent asks Shuuta to chase him. He does so only to find Koki, who effortlessly catches the person revealed to be a drug dealer. On knowing that Kozue is somewhere in Shantytown, the two split up and search for her.

In Shantytown

When talking to Koki, he tells Shuuta that crime rates in Shantytown are high due to the lack of cameras. Hazard Cast does not work in the area as they cannot get access to enough data. Shuuta raises questions regarding the abandonment of freedom, but Koki only questions back if people would rather be free or safe.

On the other hand, Kozue is standing atop a building, looking at graffiti art. Kunai appears and asks her if she is selling or buying Drug D, which she nervously declines. Seeing her click pictures of the graffiti, he asks if she likes it. She tells him that a series of graffiti have been painted that are named “Kaba”. Since it reminds her of her father, she likes them. Kunai tells her that they are drawn by DoRed’s leader, Red.

Kunai reveals more about Ran. He was born in Shantytown and had a vision where he wishes to change the world using art. Kunai also tells her that he, too, was born in Shantytown. At the same time, Shuuta bumps into Ran, who asks him to film a video of him drawing graffiti.

Ran wil super kaba
Ran Completes His ‘Super Kaba’ Graffiti.

They also find the whereabouts of Kozue as Kunai informs that she’s with him. Once done filming, Shuuta meets with Kozue as she arrives to take pictures of Ran’s most recent (and last of the series) graffiti titled ‘Super Kaba’. Shuuta manages to comfort her. She finally feels at peace and decides to be happy that she was protected.

Carneades Reappears

Suddenly, Carneades’ symbol appears in the cloud, and once again, they have hacked every phone and channel. RGB gets a call from Asumi. A luxurious cruise ship is sailing at Tokyo Bay with VIPs on board. What they do not know is that a remote control bomb has been placed in the ship. RGB can either catch the perpetrator and save everyone on the ship or let everyone die to save one person.

Carneades Projects their symbol into the clouds

After the vision ends, they discuss the situation. Koki points out that the choice is clear, and he wouldn’t side with a terrorist. Shuuta agrees and continues to say that this time it wasn’t really a choice.

A horrified Ran realizes that the terrorist in question is actually Kunai. The scene shifts to Kunai, who is sitting in a dark room, playing maniacally with explosives, confirming Ran’s doubts to the audience. 

Tokyo 24th ward Episode 5
Ran Akagi Realises The Terrorist is Kunai.

Tokyo 24th Ward Episode 5 Preview

Episode 4 ended with quite a surprising cliffhanger. Although the situation seemed pretty easy, the future this time is one of the most complex ones. On the one hand, we have the personal emotions of Ran, and on the other, we have the duties of Koki as a SARG agent. Ran has always been the kind to stay calm in both the previous incidents. Will Kunai’s involvement shake his sense of judgment? How will Ran’s emotional state affect the group? Will they have another regretful accident, or will they succeed in making the right choice this time? Additionally, will they come any closer to finding who has been calling through Asumi’s number and what Carneades’ true motives are?

Kunai Tokyo 24th ward ep 5

The new episode brings back the problems within Hazard Cast. With the repeated mention of it in every episode, it seems like the app has a larger role to play in the latter part of the anime. Episode 4 also puts forward an important question revolving around security and freedom. This could be a huge indication of the concept of the plot ahead. The anticipation for episode 5 is higher as fans are curious to see how Ran will handle the situation. Even more so, we are curious to know why Kunai even took to terrorism.

Tokyo 24th ward Episode 5 Release Date

Tokyo 24th Ward Episode 5 will be released on February 3, 2022, at 00:30 hours JST. The new episode will be released on Crunchyroll and Funimation. With so many questions queued in anticipation, we look forward to unveiling more about the story in the upcoming episode. 

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