Will Raian Kure Kill Edward in Kengan Omega Chapter 145?

Kengan Omega Chapter 145
Raian Kure vs Edward in Kengan Omega 145

Chapter 144 ended with Erioh Kure entrusting the future of the clan to Raian. In his dying moments, Erioh claims that Edward’s overconfidence has brought about his downfall. He smiles as Raian beats Edwards into a pulp and bluntly says that killing Edward would have been a mere child’s play if he was in his prime days. Erioh further adds that he believes Rian will surpass his peak state in the future and will emerge as the new head of the warrior race. Will Raian live up to the words of his grandfather in Kengan Omega Chapter 145?

In the decisive fight between Raian and Edward, Raian gradually starts dominating the fight. Raian’s Removal technique turns out to be the superior one, and it keeps getting better as the fight goes on. In the final panel, Raian stabs his index finger into Edward’s neck, thereby causing him to bleed recklessly. Can Edward survive such a blow? We bring you the latest chapter updates of Kengan Omega manga.

Kengan Omega Chapter 145 Spoilers and Raw Scans

Judging from Edward’s grave injury, I don’t think he can fight any longer in such a condition. Raian has intentionally targeted the artery in the nape to cause him to bleed to death. Even if Edward miraculously manages to hold his ground, I don’t think he will last much longer. I wouldn’t have been this confident about Edward’s defeat if Erioh himself hadn’t predicted such an outcome. 

Raian Kure

Sadly, there are high chances that Erioh won’t survive either, but at least he managed to safeguard a few young fighters by taking all the risks himself. This will be an emotional moment for the fans who were hoping to see Erioh entrusting his daughter to Ohma.

Raw scans and leaks of Kengan Omega chapter 145 are out: Raian Kure finishes off Edward Wu by thrashing his head into the ground. Wu Xing laments his master’s death and breaks down into tears. Meanwhile, Ohma arrives late, and there’s no hope left for saving Erioh. In his final moments, Erioh asks Raian to grow stronger so that he can help Ohma in the future. He warns Ohma that his foe is far superior to him and wishes him the best for the inevitable fight that awaits him. The chapter ends with the Kengan Association mutually agreeing that declaring an all-out war on the Western Faction is the only option left.

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Chapter 144 Recap

Chapter 144, titled “Transcendent,” starts with Edward crushing Erioh’s neck in a single blow. The brutal panel was followed by flashbacks from a few moments ago when Erioh was planning to defeat Edward. He said that Erioh and his bodyguards didn’t stand a chance before Edward in a fistfight. So, they decide to resort to the assassination technique, which includes a necessary sacrifice. Little did we know that he was talking about himself.

Erioh Kure, the First Fang of Shia-shi

To Erioh’s despair, Edward nullifies the poison with his Removal technique. Just when he was about to kill everyone, Raian shows up as their guardian deity and screams at his grandfather for being so reckless. He immediately engages Edward in a first fight which keeps getting worse with time. Raian sticks to his Removal technique, and Edward unleashes his ‘Moun Tai North Star Eightfold Demolution Fist.’ They keep exchanging blows, and there’s no way of telling who’s going to win.

Meanwhile, Erioh is on his last breaths, and he says that Edward’s pride over his power will cost him his life. He adds that if he was in his prime state, Edward wouldn’t have stood a chance. From the relief on his face, it’s clear that he is already aware of the fight’s outcome. He confidently says that his grandson, Raian Kure, will surpass him in his prime someday. Surprisingly, things turn out just as he predicted, and Raian starts dominating the fight. He finishes the blood-hungry maniac by stabbing his neck with his index finger.

Kengan Omega Chapter 145 Release Date

Kengan Omega Chapter 145 will be released on Wednesday, February 2, 2022. A new chapter of Kengan Omega manga is generally released every Wednesday unless there’s a delay.

Where to Read Kengan Omega Manga Online?

Kengan Omega manga is released on Comikey’s official website, which comes out every Wednesday. The first four chapters are free to read, but you need to take a subscription if you want to read the entire series. The site also makes the most recent chapter freely available for a few hours, so keep a close eye on it.

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