Will Neferpitou Die in Hunter x Hunter? Pitou’s Death in HxH

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Neferpitou VS Gon in Hunter X Hunter
Pitou at Gon's Feet

Hunter x Hunter is a series that takes place in a world where there are officially licensed “Hunters.” They are professionally allowed to hunt down beasts, treasures, and criminals. They go to forbidden lands to find hidden treasures, places that are forbidden for the common people. The Chimera Ant Arc is the show’s most gruesome arc. The Chimera Ant Queen is a species that is capable of giving birth to creatures that are half Ant and half whatever creature she eats last. The character we discuss here is Half Ant and Half Cat. The role of this offspring is to serve the King as his Guardian. The Cat-Ant offspring, Neferpitou, is one of the most ferocious of the Chimera Ant Species and is also considered the most loyal. So, will Neferpitou die in Hunter x Hunter?

Neferpitou, or simply Pitou, is the first of the offsprings of the Chimera Ant King and one of his three Royal Guards. Working alongside Shaiapouf and Menthuthuyoupi, who also go as Pouf and Youpi, respectively, the three are devoted guardians of Meruem as he plans for world domination. All three of the Royal Guards are Chimera Ants whose job is to protect Meruem. But as Meruem starts changing his motives after meeting Komugi, the blind Gun-gi player who had managed to defeat the King in all their battles, the Royal guards start worrying. Pitou, being the oldest of the three, takes it upon themself to make sure nothing stands in the path of the King, no matter what the circumstance.

Neferpitou Hunter X Hunter

Who is Neferpitou?

Neferpitou was one of the Cat Chimera Ants and was the oldest of the Royal Guards. Pitou’s gender identity is not revealed in the manga, nor the anime, so we will be referring to Pitou as they/them in this article. While Pitou is said to be a male in the databook, there has been widespread confusion about the same. Pitou was the most loyal of the three, and their only priority was the King’s safety. Even when the other two Royal Guards took a dislike to Komugi for making the King lose sight of his main goal, Pitou was the only one focused on the King’s safety.

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Neferpitou with Kite's Head in Hunter X Hunter
Neferpitou with Kite’s Head

Pitou was highly devoted to King Meruem and what he wanted. When Komugi was recovering from Zeno’s Dragon Drive, Pitou showed their vulnerability. They were aware that they stood no chance against Gon, who was in a full rage because of Kite’s death. So they chose to give up, which is a big deal for a predator. Even in this scenario, they chose the King’s wants over their own pride because of how devoted they are to the King.

Will Neferpitou Die in Hunter x Hunter?

Neferpitou is killed at the hands of Gon, who wanted revenge against Pitou for killing Kite. The fight between Pitou and Gon takes place after Pitou is confirmed of Komugi’s safety, which was their original operation. Initially, when Pitou runs into Gon and his friends, Gon asks them to restore Kite back to life. This is one of the abilities Pitou possesses thanks to their nen. But upon reaching the sit of Kite’s body, they declare that they cannot bring Kite back to life which leaves Gon shattered. And then Pitou says that they have to kill Gon, which enrages him and makes him use up all his Nen to get old enough to beat Pitou up.

Neferpitou fixing their hand using their Nen in Hunter X Hunter
Neferpitou fixed their hand using Nen.

Upon seeing the older form of Gon, Pitou realizes that he has used up all of his Nen and that he can no longer be a massive threat to the King. Even during their last minutes, Pitou is worried about the King’s safety which shows how devoted he is to the King. Gon beats Pitou up without giving them a chance to fight back, but they still rejoice when they realize that they are the ones to die instead of the King. Gon continues bashing Pitou’s head into the tree until their skull breaks. But Pitou’s devotion to the King was so fierce that their Nen remains activated in their corpse even after their death. Their Nen manipulates their dead body and attacks Gon making him lose his arm. Killua arrives at the fighting spot on time and saves Gon from being massacred by Pitou’s dead body.

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All of this shows how strong Pitou was and how devoted they were to the King that even during their last moments, they were content to be the one dying in Meruem’s place.

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