Will Nunnally die in Code Geass? Exploring The Character’s Ending

Will Nunnally die in Code Geass
Will Nunnally die in Code Geass?

A masterpiece of an anime is one that brings in thrill, mystery, secrets, comedy, and loads of other emotions packed all together. In this sense, Code Geass is no less than a masterpiece. The anime took fans by surprise as its main character, Lelouch Lamperouge, kept throwing wow factors after wow factors. However, Lelouch was not the only one that won the fandom. The show was also successful because of its amazing supporting characters. One such character that was loved by all of the Code Geass fandoms was Nunnally vi Britannia. The sister of the main character, who was also blind, is the primary reason that instigated Lelouch to change the world. She makes a huge impact in the story, so will Nunnally die in Code Geass?

Nunnally makes an appearance as the sister of the protagonist. She is 14 years old. It was for her that Lelouch decided to get stronger. Code Geass is a psychological mecha series that has taken over the attention of millions of anime fans. It aired in 2006 and later inspired multiple mangas and light novel adaptations. The anime is an original anime by Sunrise animation studio, which revolves majorly around Lelouch, who gains a mysterious power called Geass from CC. His journey into the cruel world of politics begins when he obtains the “power of absolute obedience” from his Geass.

Nunnally plays an important role throughout his journey. Will Nunnally vi Britannia die in Code Geass? Here’s everything we need to know.

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Who is Nunnally vi Britannia?

Nunnally vi Britannia is the 14-year-old younger sister of Lelouch. She is voiced by Kaori Nazuka in the Japanese dubbed version of the anime. Nunnally belongs to the royal family and thus was the Princess of the Holy Britannia initially. Later, she became the final viceroy of Area 11.

Nunnally was a remarkable young lady whose most prominent feature was her kindness. She was incredibly kind and compassionate. Despite being blind and paralyzed, she never let anyone pity her and strongly accepted her fate with a smile. She was quite strong-willed, too, at times. Her kindness was limitless, meaning she was empathic even towards those she hated. Like her brother, she too wants to change the world, but her ways are different and more gentle.

Who is Nunnally
Nunnally: Code Geass

While she is kind, she can also be hateful and has made difficult decisions. Her strong will is most evident as she fires F.L.E.I.J.A to declare her hatred to the world. But once again, she refrains from being cold-hearted. As we see more of Nunnally, we see that her kindness puts in a lot of effect on the other characters. In contrast to Lelouch’s coldness, Nunnally’s warmth is something that gives the series a beautiful touch.

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Will Nunnally vi Britannia Die in Code Geass?

Nunnally vi Britannia faces different obstacles throughout the series. She was paralyzed and blind, which made life quite difficult for her already. So will Nunnally die in Code Geass? No, Nunnally will not die in Code Geass. However, she does fall into dangerous situations throughout the series.

Nunnally death
Nunnally vi Britannia

To get back at Lelouch, Mao kidnaps Nunnally. When Suzaku and Lelouch come to her rescue, they see her next to a bomb. Fortunately, she is saved in time. Once again, VV kidnaps her. In his desperation to save his sister, Lelouch leaves in the middle of a battle but gets captured by Suzaku. This also leads to the defeat of the Black Knights. Nunnally faces another dreadful circumstance. She fades away from everyone’s memories in the second season of the anime.

Nunnally faces many tough and hard times. However, she never gave up once and ultimately survived all the deadly and horrid situations. Lelouch always came to her rescue and saved her. When Lelouch died, Nunnally easily understood that Lelouch had sacrificed himself and wailed in agony.

Where to watch Code Geass?

Code Geass is an amazing anime that we would love to recommend to every anime lover. This psychological mecha anime is sure to thrill anyone who loves good action and drama. You can stream the anime on Netflix and Hulu.

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