Will Kallen Kozuki Die In Code Geass? The Fate Of Kozuki Kallen Discussed

Will Kallen Kozuki Die In Code Geass?
Kozuki Kallen from Code Geass

Gone are the days when the shows seem to be linear. Today, the series is getting more of a greyish side. Sometimes, you will relate more with villains and find them sensible. In this article, we will talk about anime with a similar concept. Code Geass is more of an anime where the Main Character tries to create change in the world without following the right way. Lelouch no doubt is the fan-favorite character, but his way of doing things sometimes arises questions about what is good and bad? We will also discuss every single detail about Kallen Kozuki and where did her fate take her in the end.

Before coming directly to characters, first, let’s see the brief synopsis of Code Geass anime. Code Geass is a Japanese anime written and illustrated by Ichiro Okouchi. The anime is produced by Sunrise Studio and directed by Goro Taniguchi. The story follows a young man named Lelouch who obtains a special power of absolute obedience from a strange girl named C.C. Using that power, he began the rebellion against the Britannian Empire, which leads to devastating mecha wars.

Who Was Kallen Kozuki?

Kallen Kozuki is one of the most important characters in Code Geass anime. Her codename is Kallen of the Stadtfeld, and she often uses this name many times in the series. She also enrolls her codename in School. If we talk about her personality, she is determined, smart, red-haired, and has fair skin. She looks kawaii because of her blue eyes and red hair type appearance. When it comes to battle, she can become anyone’s worst nightmare as she is highly skilled in mecha combat. She is slightly taller than C.C.

If we talk about her persona, she is a strong-willed, loyal, brave, and open-minded girl. Even though she looked quite bold and rude, she is quite sensitive from the inside who keeps her feelings in her heart. After the death of his brother, she chose to not show her sensitive side and become a bold warrior. This incident also ignited the flame of fighting in her and made her the best warrior out there. When Japanese and Britannian were in battle, Kallen chose to live a normal life as she didn’t want to join Britanians. Joining Britainians means abandoning her Japanese friends, which shows how selfless and loyal Kalen was. What happened to her in the end? Did She Die? Let’s find out.

Will Kallen Kozuki Die In Code Geass?
Kallen Kozuki

What Happened To Kallen Kozuki?

Is Kallen alive or not? This is the major question asked about her. We saw Kallen fighting the skyline battle to capture Suzaku. But her plan got a little messed up, and Schneizel throw a heavy attack towards Zero Suzaku. Kallen survived this incident and got arrested by Suzaku. They spent some time together and talked about their life until things start getting heated up, and Suzaku finally agrees to atone for his sins. On the following day, Kallen and Suzaku escaped from Zero and Euphemia and got survived. So Kallen Kozuki didn’t actually die in the anime. Kallen appeared in every Code Geass anime and movie, playing the utmost important role.

Will Kallen Kozuki Die In Code Geass?
Kallen in WAR

Where To Watch Code Geass?

Now comes the most important part, Where to watch Code Geass? There are many platforms that allow us to watch Code Geass legally, but the two most famous and recommended platforms are Crunchyroll and Netflix. Both the platforms are very well optimized and offer multiple anime at the cost of a single subscription. If you are solely an anime fan, we recommend you to go with Crunchyroll, as it is known as a warehouse of anime. It allows us to watch multiple anime anytime, anywhere in the highest quality possible. If you are following a certain ongoing title, then you can enjoy the fresh episodes of that anime directly from Japan. The best part of Crunchyroll is, It allows us to watch anime free of cost in an ad-supported format. We highly recommend watching anime-only from legal sources as it financially helps creators and encourages them to do good work.

Will Kallen Kozuki Die In Code Geass?

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