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Will Jiraiya Die In Naruto? His Journey in The Story

Will Jiraiya Die In Naruto? Characters in Naruto have been polished down to smoothness before they came into the display. Kishimoto’s very genius is evident from the way he shapes his characters with a lot of versatile details. One such character is Jiraiya, who is built with elements of a powerful character but with a lot of humor. Jiraiya is far from being an ordinary character. I feel like one of the most recurring questions one asks themselves when watching Naruto for the first time is: will Jiraiya die? The character brings extra life to the party and makes the show fun to watch. Like most characters, Jiraiya is easy to connect to. He debuted in the 52nd episodic of the anime and the 90th chapter of the manga.

Jiraiya considered Naruto his godson and loved him dearly. He was also a perverted sage who wrote several novels. Jiraiya was also a very superior shinobi, and Tsunade often relied on him to go on dangerous tasks. He possessed a great level of intelligence, too, that helped him during several discreet missions. While he was quite a menace to his opponents, Jiraiya was also a chaotic, self-proclaimed pervert who was often caught peeping at women. Even Naruto often called Ero-Sensei which irritated Jiraiya a little.

Despite his pervy ways, Jiraiya has always been one of the most important parts of the Narito series, who paved a path for future developments. He has shown a lot of significance in the anime, so will Jiraiya die? Well, be prepared for some huge spoilers to know the answers!

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Jiraiya: Background and Personal Life

Jiraiya was rarely a serious character and enjoyed a good laugh in his life. However, he has a crooked sense of humor. He enjoyed annoying people and laughed at their annoyance. His personality did not change much when he fought his opponents and often came up with dramatic postures and dialogues to throw at his opponents. Despite the dramatic and flashy ways that made him look rather goofy, Jiraiya was extremely loyal to Konoha and went to limits to protect it. He has proved multiple times that he would not sway irrespective of who he has on the other side if it is an enemy to his village.

One might feel that Jiraiya is rather too lenient and might not be good at combat at first glance. However, on the contrary, Jiraiya is an extremely good strategist and a very intelligent fighter. He is competent, and Tsunade often relied on him to carry out dangerous missions.

jiraiya young

Jiraiya: Young.

As a child, too, Jiraiya was rather the same. He was in the same team as Orochimaru and Tsunade. While Orochimaru became his best friend, Tsunade would often try to kill him as he tried to watch her while she bathed. He was not exactly a prodigy, but he definitely grew stronger with time and grew a keen sense of danger. Jiraiya later discovered Mount Myoboku and trained under Fukasuka to learn senjutsu. Later he the Great Toad Sage prophesized that Jiraiya would meet the Child of the Prophecy. Whether this Child became the reason for the world’s destruction or its savior will depend on Jiraiya’s teaching.

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Will Jiraiya Die in Naruto?

Getting attached to characters like Jiraiya, who give a good laugh and deep moments out of the blue, is easy. Kishimoto laid down one of the biggest plot armor around Jiraiya. Yes, Jiraiya will die in Naruto, but there is a lot of things that come along with his death, one of them being a massive revelation. Jiraiya had been trying to locate Akatsuki’s leader for a while. After a lot of searching, he finally finds an opening when he learns of the civil war in Amegakure. He believes that the Akatsuki were behind the conflict and thus decides to see for himself by infiltrating the village. He takes charge and leaves the village but not before warning Tsunade about Danzo Shimura.

In the village, Jiraiya makes several important discoveries but later also gets caught up in a battle against Pain. Pain uses Six Paths to counter Jiraiya. As he watches the six paths, he decides to continue fighting to find more about Pain. Fukasaku and Shima ask him to give up and return, but he sticks around anyway. A huge battle breaks down between Six Path Pain and Jiraiya. He discovers that every Pain was an existing somebody who he had met in his travels before. Jiraiya loses to Pain and decides to deliver what he learned to Fukasaku, but before he can, Pain crushes his throat and stabs Jiraiya. However, he is able to successfully send a secret message on Fukasaku’s back.

Will Jiraiya die

Jiraiya’s Death.

After stabbing him, Pain throws Jiraiya into the sea. Before dying, he realizes that Naruto had been the true Child of the Prophecy all along, and with the thought in his mind, he succumbs to death with a smile on his face.

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Jiraiya might have died, but he leaves a deeply coded message for Konoha to decipher. The message lies in his book, Icha Icha Tactics that reveal the secret to who Pain is and how to defeat him. Even after death, Jiraiya continues to protect Konoha through these cryptic messages.

koji kashin

Koji Kashin

However, this is not the end of Jiraiya. We see him return in the Boruto series as Kashin Koji. The character is rather different from the Jiraiya we know, but in reality, he is truly the clone of the pervy sage, Jiraiya. He was created by Amado and later used by him to infiltrate Kara, the major antagonist group of the sequel series.

Jiraiya was quite an interesting character who died a peaceful death. It was sad but very significant to the entire plot of the anime. If you wish to watch the anime, you can always stream it on Netflix anytime with your favorite buddies!

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