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Will Haku Die in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations?


In Naruto, an orphan from the Land of Fire was introduced, Haku. He is a member of the Yuki clan. His mentor, Zabuza Momochi, helped Haku become a Shinobi under his guidance. There had just been an outbreak of conflict in the hamlet where Haku was born. Those Shinobis who had Kekkei Genkai and other powerful skills lingered after the battle. Shinobi who had the Kekkei Genkai were shunned because of their unusual skills. Haku inherited his mother’s Ice Release-capable Kekkei Genkai, which allowed him to control water. So, years later, did Haku die in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations?

When Haku first demonstrated his abilities to his mother, she was worried that Kekkei Genkai would come to harm the people. As a result, Haku’s Father was impressed. Haku’s mother and father were both killed by him and a gang of villagers he gathered. Haku used ice spikes to kill his father and comrades after his father had murdered his mother. When he eventually lost his job and was forced to sleep on the streets, he met Zabuza. Zabuza proposed that he join him as a partner, someone who could aid and protect Zabuza at all times. That’s how Haku became a person from nothing.

Will Haku die in Naruto

Zabuza and Haku

Will Haku die in Boruto?

No. Haku does not die in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. Haku first appeared in Episode 9 of the Naruto anime and Volume 2, chapter 15 of the manga. However, his appearance was short-lived, and he dies during Season 1 Episode 18 of Naruto. It was Zabuza’s second battle with Kakashi, where Haku sacrificed himself by serving as a human shield. Despite his injuries from his struggle with Naruto, Haku wanted to die for Zabuza.

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What happened to Haku?

Haku was accidentally slain by Kakashi Hatake, the duplicate ninja. He was an orphan who was born with the kekkei Genkai: Ice release. In part, this was due to the fact that his reputation was so well-known. Zabuza Momochi, known as the “Demon of the Hidden Mist,” encountered him afterward. Then, he committed his life to Zabuza and saw himself as an “instrument” for the warrior. In order to serve Zabuza in whatever way he could, he gave up all else in his life. He was ready to use his trademark jutsu “Chidori” to murder Zabuza, but Haku stepped in front of him, and it instead killed him. For as previously indicated, the only thing keeping Zabuza safe from the Chidori’s attack was his own selfless act of defusing the situation by standing in his way.

Haku’s relation with Zabuza

A village shrouded in the mist, Kirigakure, has two missing-nin: Zabuza and Haku. In the Hidden Mist, Zabuza is a former rebel ninja who attempted to overturn the cruel regime but failed and became a missing-nin. His investigation also led him to a little child called Haku, whose father had slain the mother of his mother after discovering his bloodline’s limit (Ice Crystal Mirror technique).

Taking care of Haku was a way for Zabuza to employ this ability. Haku was finally able to achieve his goal. In his heart, he wanted to help someone else. Admired him much and loved him for being his master, which made him appreciate him even more. Haku was ready to sacrifice himself at any moment for Zabuza’s sake. Haku had become a lot more powerful under Zabuza’s leadership. Moreover, I mean a lot when I say “a lot.” It was even the Copy Ninja Kakashi who said that Haku was weaker.

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Zabuza’s first usage of Haku was just for his abilities. He had no affection for him at all. He utilized Haku as a weapon in the midst of the conflict. Until Kakashi and Team 7 came along, this was the case. In front of Zabuza, Haku made a selfless act of sacrifice. Once again, Zabuza informed Kakashi that his forecast was incorrect. Naruto told Zabuza how much Haku loved him and how much he cared for him after Haku’s death. When Zabuza saw this, he came to believe that Haku was really in love with him.



Upon seeing Gatou and his men, Zabuza resolved to murder them all since Gatou stomped the body of Haku while demeaning and mocking him. Zabuza ultimately killed Gatou, although he was severely injured as a result of the fight. It was at this point that Kakashi laid Zabuza on top of Haku’s body and expressed his admiration for him. After that, they were buried together. Zabuza first used Haku as a tool but eventually discovered how much he cared for him.

Their relationship is a bit confusing. As if they were a hunter and his dog. This time, it’s the hunter, not the hunted. He possesses a high level of intellect, as well as a deep understanding of combat. Having had a difficult upbringing, he learned many valuable lessons. As far as ninja characters go, I think he is one of the most impressive. His dog, Haku, is called that. Powerful and heartless, he lives only for the benefit of the person who employs him. He follows Zabuza’s instructions and looks up to him greatly. Zabuza has the same possessions as he does.

Background of Haku

Haku was born in a little icy town in the Nation of Water, a land recently devastated by war. During this conflict, both sides used ninja, some of whom had kekkei Genkai. After the conflict, the people’s recollections of the awful battles endured. Fearing that their presence would only lead to greater conflict, those with kekkei Genkai were despised and dreaded.

Haku’s parents were calm farmers. They cherished each other and their kid. Sadly, this would soon alter. Haku’s mother used an Ice Release kekkei Genkai. She kept this secret from her husband, expecting that their tiny family’s love and tranquillity would remain forever. Haku learned he could control water one day. Haku was amazed and proudly showed his mother, who was appalled. She chastised and spanked Haku for showing his abilities, but she instantly apologized. Unbeknownst to them, Haku’s father had seen everything. A small crowd of people gathered when Haku’s father realized his wife and kid had a kekkei. He murdered his wife while crying. He tried to murder Haku. The Ice Release created many giant ice spikes to murder his father and the rest of the gang.

Haku was orphaned. He was pushed to live in the chilly street, feed on food scraps, and fight off wild dogs. Zabuza Momochi, a guy with “the same eyes” as him, accosted him. Later, Zabuza wanted Haku to become his “weapon,” a committed shinobi for Zabuza, and Haku willingly accepted this duty, dedicating his life to being Zabuza’s greatest tool.

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