Will Faye Valentine Die in Cowboy Bebop? The Fate of One of The Most Badass Female Characters

Will Faye Valentine Die in cowboy bebop
Will Faye Valentine Die in Cowboy Bebop?

Space adventures were never done as well as Cowboy Bebop, which perfectly blends factors of entertainment with thought-provoking themes. The anime leaves several entertaining moments to enjoy for its viewers. Cowboy Bebop is a classic anime. It immediately brings in humor that comes on par with the several dark themes of the show. One of the best parts of Cowboy Bebop is its characters, each of who is charming in their own ways. As someone who is a fan of strong female characters, Faye Valentine stole my heart. The character is unique on its own and stands miles away from being a generic female character. She grows from an unattached member to being one to care for the entire crew wholeheartedly. So how does her story end? Will Faye Valentine die in Cowboy Bebop?

Cowboy Bebop is a classic, an episodic genius that needs to be appreciated more. The anime premiered in the spring of 1998 and was an original from Sunrise. It ran for 26 episodes. Cowboy Bebop is set in a futuristic world, where Spike and his crew travel the galaxy on Bebop, their spaceship. They are bounty hunters who catch criminals for money. While it initially looks rather light-hearted, we see relatable and real-life deep issues being pointed out throughout the series.

There is not a single character who can be deemed unimportant, for they all have something to teach or something to relate to. The same can be said for Faye. Will Faye Valentine die in Cowboy Bebop? Here’s all that you need to know about the character’s ending.

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Who is Faye Valentine?

“You know the first rule of combat? Shoot them before they shoot you”. – Faye Valentine.

Faye Valentine is one of the main characters of Cowboy Bebop, voiced by Megumi Hayashibara. Initially, she was one of Bebop’s targets for bounty but soon, she self-proclaimed herself as a member. Although Jet and Spike are against the idea, she forces herself into the crew anyway. When Spike and Jet find her, Faye has lost all her memories. Her past remains a secret through most parts of the series. However, despite whatever her past may be, she proves to be incredibly competent as a bounty hunter.

Who is Faye Valentine
Faye Valentine in Cowboy Bebop

Faye is a beautiful woman, and she uses her beauty to seduce her victims for distraction as well. However, she is more than just what meets the eye. Faye is very clever and opportunistic. She is probably not the best example of a good person, but she is definitely one someone can relate to. She is no damsel though she does often bring in some amount of distress to the team.

Initially, she remains unattached to the crew, but eventually, she starts caring for them. Although she is often sarcastic and mean, she tries to protect them and help with all she has. Her badass personality and beautiful face also come with a strong body, evident from the several times that she beat the hell out of the wanted criminals that crossed her path.

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Will Faye Valentine Die in Cowboy Bebop?

Cowboy Bebop has several folds of a good mystery, and Faye Valentine is one big example of it. While her past is left unknown for a long time, it is revealed that Faye was actually in cryogenic sleep for a long time. Once she remembers her past, she grows closer to the crew. The anime reveals her past, but what of her future? Will Faye Valentine die in Cowboy Bebop? Faye Valentine does not die in Cowboy Bebop and survives till the end. However, the death of Spike has a huge impact on her as we see her wail in desperation.

How did things go for the remaining crew after the final battle was left unrevealed? However, considering that most of the anime dealt with getting over the past and moving on to the future, we can expect that that’s probably what Faye did after Spike’s death.

Faye Valentine sad
Faye Valentine: Cowboy Bebop

Where to watch Cowboy Bebop?

Although quite old, Cowboy Bebop never runs out of style. The anime is available on several anime streaming platforms. You can stream the anime on Netflix and Hulu.

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