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Will Black Beard Pirates Come to Wano Country In One Piece?

Black Beard Pirates
Black Beard Pirates

Since One Piece manga is on a break this week, let’s take a look at one of the rare possibilities at this point. Currently, wano and everything that is happening in there is making headlines every week. This is even affecting the outside world as well, as we managed to get a glimpse at the reverie earlier this year. We even saw the likes of Sengoku teaching his fellow marines about Wano’s history and what is currently going on in the world. And it looks like everything is connected with some string of fate, and even Akainuy has come to notice this.

Even in his death, Oden seems to be influencing a lot in the ongoing events, and this has been the concern of the marines lately. Based on the manga and the latest developments in Wano. It looks like this war will reach a point where no one in the world can ignore it. And this will be the most entertaining moment in One Piece history because, at last, most of the characters will be involved in this all-out war.

Currently, the Onigashima raid is still going on without any external forces. The marine decided only to observe, but as each chapter comes out. It looks like this one will be something they can no longer ignore. We already know that the marine has is spies, the SWORD keeping tabs on the situation in Wano, and its captain, X Drake, has already joined forces with the straw hats and its alliance.

So this is also a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the marines. If they ever wanted to infiltrate Wano, then now is the perfect chance to do this. This meant that it is likely that we will still get to see more external forces appearing in this battle later on. The worst possible case would be another Yonkou getting involved in this.

Black Beard and His Recent Statement about The World

Blackbeard One Piece

Blackbeard One Piece

One Piece Chapter 1008 will release next weekend when the current manga break comes to an end. VIZ Media and Manga Plus will still publish the latest official chapters as usual. One Piece Chapter 1008 spoilers will probably release on Monday since we have not got anything for this week. Fans are still looking forward to more developments from the manga. Whichever scene comes next will be interesting. Although now people want to get some closure on whether Oden is really alive or not. One-piece fans still can’t believe Oden is alive after suddenly coming out of the blue in the recent manga chapters.

So want to be a hundred percent sure whether this is the real Oden or if there is someone else doing tricks on us. Other One Piece manga highlights include the one where we just found out about Kaidou’s devil fruit copy and his history as the marine’s test subject under Vegapunk. Now looking at another event that Wano’s fight might affect, the last time we saw Black Beard, he made quite an interesting statement. This was after the reverie when the marines had declared all schichibukai as wanted pirates.

Now the Schichibukai hunt is on, and the marines are fully occupied. This means that if the marines want to get involved in Wano, they might do it after their hunt. But it might leave them exhausted, so the odds are that they won’t be able to do both the hunt and be involved in Wano. So fat they are fully focused on their hunt as the situation in Wano is fully unpredictable. Based on the war that has just broken out, then it will be interesting to see what they will do next.

What is Black Beard’s Next Action?

All these events have stirred the calm that was over the One Piece oceans. Everything was going peacefully, and the marines did as they wanted. Even Black Beard was released back on his home island. Now the reverie marked the beginning of the waves that will sweep across all of the blues when the fight in Wano finally peaks. Black Beard has a lot of connections and has eyes all over the world. He easily found out about what was going on in Wano despite it being a closed nation. He is also aware of what the marine is doing, but at first, he did not seem to have much interest in that.

After taking a look and analyzing all of these events, Black Bears commented that instead of watching the world government take over the world. He is going to take over the world himself instead. In simple terms, one would think that Black Beard maybe wanted to interfere with the worldwide search of the Schichibukai by the marines. But since he referred to the world government, then he might be looking beyond just the marines.

And interfering with the Schichibukai might not benefit him at all. So the only way he might get over to the Schichibukai would be if he wanted to recruit one of them for whatever grand plan he has. Right now, the world is moving in Wano’s direction. So what is currently happening at the moment will affect every corner of the world, even the marines. Maybe, later on, we might also get to see the elders making a move since CPO mentioned that there are still the executives that can instantly end this war.

Will Black Beard Pirates Come To Wano?

Wano Country Flower Capital

Wano Country Flower Capital

Taking a look at the entirety of this situation, it is arguably possible that most world figures like the Yonko might make their appearance later on. Every one of those people is keeping tabs on the situation in Wano. We already saw Shanks looking at the news about Luffy’s actions in Wano, and he is already aware of what is happening. The same goes for Black Beard, who controls every action that the Black Beard Pirates take. On the marine’s side, Akainu is already aware as well. And Big Mom has also followed the straw hast to Wano as they have unfinished business.

Basically speaking, everyone is affected by the war in Wano and Kaidou and Big Mom’s alliance. The world government is already keeping tabs on the situation at the CPO agents are already in Wano analyzing how the fight is going on. They are quite relaxed because they know that no matter what happens. In case the straw hats manage to win this one. The executives can bring an end to this war and annihilate everyone involved. They are probably referring to the elders, so if Luffy and Co win this one, more influential figures are likely to appear later on.

This will most likely include Black Beard Pirates. Because if we look at his last statement. He is going to take over the world himself instead of watching the world government try and do it themselves. Suppose the straw hats win this one, then the executives will have to make a move. So that will signal taking over the world by the world government. And as Black Beard said it, he will not allow this. So if we go down that line of thought, then it would not be surprising to see the Black Beard Pirates appearing in Wano.

Onigashima Raid Will Turn The World Upside Down.

Although this already sounds like a statement that one of the One Piece characters would say. It is likely the next main thing in this Yonkou saga. I would imagine Sengoku saying something like this to Akainu. And as usual, he would just respond that he will not let these brats do as they wish anymore. I guess now you have already seen the bigger picture that I’m trying to paint. So if we are to go exactly in my opinion, I would definitely say that, yes, Black Beard Pirates will likely come to Wano later in the ongoing war. This would attract the likes of Shanks, who seems to have unfinished business with Black Beard. And just as I was saying, Akainu and the marines might follow, making this one of the fiercest wars in One Piece history.

But that is just my opinion based on facts from the manga. So it might not happen exactly as I have outlined it. After all, Oda is the final decider and already said that if someone predicts how One Piece would end, he will definitely change his story. We all used to think that Oden died. But Ode went on to surprise us, and we still can’t believe it at this point. So let’s just observe what Oda is trying to get at by bringing Oden back. Whether he is just pranking us or means business, we will find that out later as more chapters publish.

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