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Will Aoyama Get Expelled From U.A High In My Hero Academia Chapter 339?

My Hero Academia Chapter 339
My Hero Academia Chapter 339

My Hero Academia Chapter 339 reveals the traitor’s interrogation. The U.A High students and Pro-Heroes have learned about Aoyama, serving All For One. Deku knows that Aoyama didn’t choose since he was afraid that All For One would kill his family. Aoyama was returning a favor to All For One since he gave him a Quirk at a young age. My Hero Academia reveals the mystery behind Aoyama’s Quirk and his relationship with All For One. In My Hero Academia’s latest chapter, we saw Tsakauchi talking with cat detective Sansa about Aoyama.

Tsakauchi reminds Sansa to make Aoyama shut up and explains to Deku why he cannot take his hand since he is changed. They know that Aoyama’s crime for working with All For One will never be erased, but they can take him to the hospital if he might explode. They know that everyone who tried to betray All For One ends up exploding since that the contract All For One made with those who serve him. Tsakauchi feels like Aoyama’s parents are hiding something and asks them about the Kamino Rad and why they didn’t report it to All For One.

Aoyama’s parents reveal they were using one-way communication and couldn’t talk with All For One during Kamino Raid. But All For One didn’t communicate with them, and they would have kept quiet even if they wanted to tell him. Deku interferes and reveals that it is hard for them to find All For One by themselves. Mineta, Kaminari, and Momo understood what he was thinking and knew that Aoyama could lead them to All For One. Present Mic thinks they are moving fast and cannot trust Aoyama in his state.

Previously on My Hero Academia Chapter 338

Lida believes that they have made a mistake, and it is like the river under the bridge. But they can blame them since they didn’t save his heart since they failed to help Aoyama when he was attending the same class as them and he was crying in pain. Bakugo said he would hit Aoyama’s face with 5 Howitzer Impacts to settle the score of kidnapping. Sero told Bakugo not to do that since no one could tell if he was joking or not. Kirishima realizes that Aoyama stopped his parents from serving All For One, and it is true that Aoyama doesn’t want to work for All For One.

My Hero Academia Chapter 339

My Hero Academia Chapter 339

But they didn’t blame Deku since he hid that he did not have a Quirk, and they could welcome Aoyama like other students. Everyone becomes quiet, but Aoyama’s matter is different since it includes working for All One, and no one can tell what the future holds since people fear All For One and obey him. Tsakauchi thinks that Aoyama’s parents can help them solve the matter and reveal the best solution. But Aizawa interferes since he was on video call watching and listening to what everyone had to say.

Present Mic was holding the Ipad for Aizawa to know what was happening and what other Pro-Heroes had to say about Aoyama and his parents. Aizawa asks Deku if he has a better plan, but Deku replies with no ideas. He then tells Tsukauchi they can blame him since he is a teacher. But he didn’t notice one of his students going astray, and he agreed with what the students were saying. Aizawa talks with Aoyama and reveals that it is not his intention to expel Ayoma from U.A High.

My Hero Academia Chapter 339 Release Date

My Hero Academia Chapter 339 will be released on 26 December 2021. Eraser told Tsukauchi to cover Aoyama’s three ears since he wanted to talk with the students about Aoyama. Tsukauchi did what Eraser ordered him to do. But the students were surprised to hear what Eraser had to say, but we only said their reactions. Let’s look at My Hero Academia Chapter 339 official details.

My Hero Academia Chapter 339

My Hero Academia Chapter 339

Read My Hero Academia Chapter 339 Online- Raw Details

You will be able to read My-Hero-Academia Chapter 339 online on VIZ Media’s official website. My Hero Academia’s latest spoilers, updates, and recent three chapters were also released on Shueisha’s online magazine & Shonen Jump. A new chapter of My Hero-Academia will update every Sunday on official platforms; The spoilers for My Hero-Academia-Chapter 339 will be released this coming week. Let’s meet when My Hero Academia-Chapter 339 is released.

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