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Why Is Grace And Frankie Ending? The New Policy Of Netflix

grace and frankie ending

The beloved Netflix show “Grace and Frankie” is back with its seventh season. But this might be the last time we see our favorite grannies taking charge of their lives and standing up to the world as “Grace and Frankie” is ending. The news came out in 2019, just before the sixth season was bout to premiere next year. But to make it up to the fans, the seventh season will have 16 episodes. Till now, Netflix has released only four episodes as the show is still under production. The new episodes might take some time to release. But in between the waiting time, we can always rewatch the show as it never gets old!

We are very much used to see popular family shows with the younger generation in charge. It is them trying to find themselves and dealing with changes. But “Grace and Frankie” comes with a twist as the lead is taken by the people of “Generation X”. Giving the ‘realizations that usually the youngsters go through to somebody who has lived their whole life in a lie. The show comes as a connection between the two generations that are usually so far apart. The show follows two women in their late seventies when their husbands decide to bail on them.

grace and frankie ending

A still from the show: Robert And Sol

What Is The Show About?

Grace and Frankie know each other through their husbands Robert and Sol. Both husbands are lawyers, and the women are rivals. But as the twist happens, both Robert and Sol leave their wives for each other. Coming out as gay and telling that they love each other, now Grace and Frankie are left alone and with each other, not really knowing what to do. But they are supportive, although it takes time to get back on the field after a sudden push from the seat. The new season will be coming back with its original cast since 2015 *happy noises*. Along with Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda coming back as Frankie and Grace. And Sam Waterston and Martin Sheen are coming back as Sol and Robert. June Diane Raphael will be back as Brianna. Baron Vaughn will be playing Bud while Ethan Embry plays Coyote and Brooklyn Decker plays Mallory.

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What Can We Expect In The New Season?

Season 6 was definitely something. The house is all flooded because of Grace and Frankie’s Rise Up toilet thing. And Robert and So are broke and stranded. To help them, the ex-wives have agreed to let the lovers move in till they figure something out. But on the other side Grace needs to get Nick out of jail. The new season is going to pick up from the mess. Marta has revealed that the show will now be dealing with Robert, Sol, Grace, and Frankie in a way that nobody has seen before.

 grace and frankie ending

A still from the show: Grace and Frankie

But Why Is “Grace and Frankie” Ending?

The production of the sixth season of “Grace and Frankie” came to an end in 2019. Soon after, the creators announced that the seventh season is on its way. But along with that, Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin, who are also the co-creators of the show, gave some bad news that broke the fans’ hearts. They revealed that as the completion of the seventh season, the team would be bringing the production to a stop. And “Grace and Frankie” will be ending. Later on in an interview, Marta Kauffman was asked the reason behind the ending of Grace and Frankie. Many fans were confused about the cancellation as the show was doing great in the case of ratings and viewership. It was always trending on Netflix too. Revealing the reason, Marta said that it was actually Netflix that decided to cancel the upcoming season.

For the last 1-2 years, Netflix has decided to put a stop to the shows with a lot of seasons. Even with high ratings and amazing storylines that have left viewers wanting for more like Queen’s Gambit, Emily In Paris, Vincenzo, etc. have ended with a single season. Even the critically acclaimed shows like Peaky Blinders and Money Heist are coming to an end with their sixth or fifth season. As Netflix began working on cutting short the seasons, “Grace and Frankie” is the only Netflix Original, yet that has seven seasons under its wing.

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