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Why Did Amber And Greg Break up, Did It Really Happen on Texts?

why did amber and greg break up
Greg O'Shea and Amber Gill

Everyone knows Amber Gill and Greg O’Shea from Love Island, but what is this we hear about their break up? The winners of the fifth series of the 2015 show have been one of the most talked-about couples on the show. No doubt, they were the most deserving members of the show. As a result, they earned the title of Queen and King. However, they were not meant to stay together. Soon enough, there was this news of Greg and Amber splitting up. Many of us still don’t know the reason behind their breakup.

Greg O’Shea is an Irish rugby union player. Likewise, he is a player on the Irish national team. However, he got his share of fame in the year 2019. It was when Greg appeared on the famous show Love Island. He was among the favorite contestants on the show. Likewise, he won the series at last alongside Amber Gill. Meanwhile, Amber is a famous model hailing from the United States. She became the Queen on the famous British television reality show. As a result, the couple became the center of attraction.

They spent weeks inside the Love Island house under cameras. No doubt, their chemistry was an instant hit. People were in love with their understandings. As a result, they came under the radar of the paparazzi. People were closely following the couple even after the show ended. But, things turned ugly between them. Since then, the netizens are curious to find out what happened between the two. Therefore, in this article, we will be discussing why Amber and Greg break up. Likewise, we will find out more about the Irish rugby champ. Here’s what we know about this issue.

Why did Amber and Greg break up?

Amber and Greg were the winners of the fifth season of Love Island. The popular British drama made them no less than a celebrity. Meanwhile, their lives were closely watched over by the netizens. As a result, when the news of Greg and Amber break up with each other came out, the internet went wild. Likewise, the netizens were hurt. Also, the news spread like a forest fire. People were told that Greg broke up with Amber through text. It wasn’t nice, indeed. Hence, people all over the United Kingdom started unfollowing the Irish player. Likewise, there was a hashtag trending on Twitter– #unfollowgreg.

Why Did Amber And Greg Break up?

Amber and Greg broke up due to hectic schedules.

This was a big shock for Greg. As a result, the player went on to clarify the situation. In turn, he made the netizens aware of the real reasons behind their split. First of all, they did not break up on texts. Instead, the couple spoke over the phone a few times and did FaceTime before calling it an end. Secondly, the reason behind their split was their hectic schedule and long-distance. Greg lives in Ireland, and he is a national player. After winning the show, Amber was getting lots and lots of offers for various events and projects. As a result, the pair wasn’t able to stay in touch.

It became difficult to carry forward the relationship. Therefore, they decided to call it off. However, Greg revealed that he was head-over-heels for Amber. But the situations were not in their favor. As of now, the winners have an amicable relationship.

More about Greg O’Shea

Greg was born on 23 March 1995. The 26-years-old player hails from Limerick, Ireland. Likewise, he completed his studies at the University of Limerick. He belongs to a family of athletes. Both his father and mother were sprinters for Ireland. His father’s name is Niall O’Shea. Meanwhile, her mother is Carol O’Shea. His family background is famous for one more thing. His maternal grandfather opened the first Chinese restaurant in Limerick. He was an immigrant from Hong Kong, who came here after World War 2.

Why Did Amber And Greg Break up?

Greg O’Shea

Over the years, Greg has won various accolades. His initial achievements include Munster Schools Rugby Senior Cup and Junior Cups. He is usually known for playing as a fly-half in the team. Likewise, he was a part of the squad in the 2017 Rugby Europe Sevens Grand Prix Series. The Irish team was in second place in the series. Recently, he was named in Ireland’s squad for the World Sevens.

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