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Who Played The Elves ‘Dobby, Winky & Kreacher’ in Harry Potter?

The Harry Potter franchise can be considered as one of the biggest groups of films in the whole world. There has just been a lot going on with the past films as well as the upcoming movies. Within it, we saw a small, cute creature named Elf. In the wizarding world, there can be a variety of distinguished elves based on what kind of work they do. The most popular ones are the house elves who serve their respective family masters for years and years. They are magical beings who are born to get devoted and super loyal to their one and only master and his family. House Elves have majorly served wizards and witches. They are generally seen with the old established wizarding families who live in mansions and estates.

These creatures are required to carry any task, any order that their masters and mistress wants from them unless. An elf working with a household is only able to get free when their master gives them clothes. These little guys even have their own set of magic which they can perform without employing wands. Despite the fact that these creatures are actually very little, they have immense magical powers in them. Now that we are on the subject of elves, here we have wrapped up a small list for you describing the main elves seen in the Harry Potter films and who voiced their characters.

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He is presumably the most popular elf of the franchise. He was initially tied to serve the Malfoy family just like his ancestors have been doing. Being a softie at heart, he wanted to be aware Harry Potter of all the troubles that he might face in the second year of his school but was not able to tell that freely because of his masters. By the end of the film, Harry managed to free Dobby from the Malfoy family. He then started working in the Hogwarts kitchen with Dumbledore’s permission. Dobby has always considered Harry Potter as his dearest friend, the man who freed him.

Who Played The Elves in Harry Potter?


We all saw the shine in his eyes when Harry freed him and Dobby could not help but shout about his freedom to every person he met afterward. He later saved Harry as well as his friends in the Malfoy Manor but unfortunately killed by Bellatrix Lestrange in the process. Dobby died as a free elf and Harry buried him in the sand beside the sea. His tombstone had the words engraved, “Here lies Dobby, a free elf”. The voice to Dobby was provided by actor Toby Jones in the film.


Winky was a sort of a sad elf. She works at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Her original masters were the Crouch family Although, they fired her when she let Barty Crouch Junior out of her grasp. This made her fall into depression. Although, as soon as Dobby found her, he helped her get work in the Hogwarts kitchen same as him. Although, she still spent most of her time drinking heavily. There is no information as to who performed her character because she did not make it to the movies.


When we saw him on the scene, he was pretty aged. He has been serving the Black family since the moment he was born. Although, when the entire Black family was gone, even Sirius Black, who left all his estate to Harry Potter, his godchild, Kreacher too got transferred to him. Kreacher was extremely loyal to her mistress, that is, Walburga Black. After her death, he left the Black household to minimum care and did little to no work. He completely adored Regulus Black though.

Who Played The Elves in Harry Potter?


Kreacher went on the Battle of Hogwarts along with other house-elves who worked at the institution, just for him. He despised Harry and Sirius Black given the fact that they both belonged to Gryffindor. Nevertheless, he never did anything to harm any of them. His character was played by two people throughout the course of the films. In Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix, Timothy Bateson voiced Kreacher. Although, in Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 1, we saw Simon McBurney do his part.

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