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Who Is Wayne Lineker Dating Currently? The TV Star’s Controversial Relationship

Wayne Lineker
Wayne Lineker

Many know about the famous football legend Garry Linekar. But there are only a few who know about his younger brother Wayne Lineker. Lineker is actually a British entrepreneur and also a Television personality. As the unspoken rule for any Television personality, even he has his set of fans and viewers. Recently he has made the headlines in several articles regarding his dating life. Which has now also left his fans curious to know more about him and his love. They are also excited to know more about this Mystery woman and about how the two met. But before that, here’s some intel on Lineker’s background. He is a self-made entrepreneur and has a huge fortune from his own business. He runs several chains of restaurants and bars.

Linekers has also established a bar from his last name called the Linekers bar in Spain. Some of his other business ventures are the Skinny Kitchen, Itacaibiza, and also Essex House 152. He has made big money from his work. His estimated earnings are around 30 million dollars. Apart from his work, he is fond of keeping cars and especially Bently cars. He is also an ambassador for the Doms Food Mission. During that time, he was accused of bringing some illegal material with him that was worth 220,000 Pounds. For this h also served in prison for two years. He has also made his appearance on television via the show The Only Way in Essex, which is a reality Tv show. He will also appear in the Celebs Go Dating in the latest season. And also owns a sports bar named the Linekars bar.

Early Life and More

Lineker was born on the 25th of April 1962 in Leicester, England To parents Barry and Margeret Lineker. he also has an older brother named Garry, who is a renowned football player. Lineker is of the White race is a strong believer in Christianity. Cu8rrently his age is 59 years. Talking about his childhood, even Lineker was interested in football when he was young and often used to play with his brother. As a student, he attended the Caldecote Roads School. Other than this, there not much information available on his early life and education. Lineker was married to his ex-wife Sacha, and the two also have four kids from this marriage. They are named Duane, Sean, Tia, and Freddie. But he and Sacha divorced a long time ago, and the reasons are not known. He also has a granddaughter named Myla. Lineker also has a pet named Lio.

Wayne Lineker

Wayne Lineker

Recently he was in a relationship with the model Danielle Sandhu. But their relationship ended soon after, and the reasons are not known. Apart from this, he had also asked Lauren Pope out when he was in the show The Only Way to Essex. But she declined his proposal. He says that it was his first real heartbreak. He had also dated Katie Salmon, who is known for her appearance in the reality TV show Love Island Season two.

Who Is Wayne Lineker Dating Currently?

Lineker has gained a lot of popularity after he appeared in the show Celebs go dating in 2021. His popularity has been reaching its peak. As he made the headlines for being in a relations ship with Chloe Ferry. In February 2021, the two posted some pictures on their Instagram account where Choe was flaunting an engagement ring in the picture while Lineker had an arm around her waist. And under the post, it was written that she said yes. And love You, Chloe. This left a lot of people thinking and scratching their heads in confusion.

Wayne Lineker

Wayne Lineker and Chloe Ferry

After this bomb drop, many of his pals and other celebrities rushed on social media to congratulate them. While the others are still in dilemma whether this is true or not. Many fans also assume that this whole thing can also be a publicity stunt. But to this post, his Celebs Go Dating costar congratulated him with a fun little text. Overall there are some that believe the news to be true, and some are still against the idea. There is still no clarity on the same.

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