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Who is Vicki Gunvalson Dating & How is it Related To Her Political Aspirations?

Who is Vicky Gunvalson Dating?

In this article, we will cover who is Vicki Gunvalson dating. The “Real Housewives’ star’s current date just announced his political aspirations for the State of California. The Golden State and Vicki’s current date thinks it is time to “Make California California Again”. We will talk about Vicki Gunvalson and her trajectory in the show, then we will cover the profile of Steve Lodge. And lastly, we will tell you everything else we know so far about yet another Hollywood show business couple getting involved in politics in sunny, liberal California.

Steve Chavez Lodge is Vicki Gunvalson’s date, and the man is on the news because he wants to run for governor of a state that used to give Republican presidents of the likes of Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon, but somehow along the way —mostly after the 1965 immigration act— switched to full-blown liberal democrat. And that means agendas and ideas that are just exclusive to a very select group of people in California. That’s if you compare it to the rest of the United States. But let’s dig in.

Who is Vicki Gunvalson?

Victoria “Vicki” Gunvalson (b. 1962) is a Baby-Boomer American entertainment reality television personality. You can remember her from the Bravo series “The Real Housewives of Orange County” in the fourteen seasons that series has. And while she’s no longer a part of that show —because she said she’d part from it earlier in 2020— she’s back on the spotlight nowadays because her date, Steve Lodge, announced his political aspirations to run for Governor of the State of California.

Gunvalson was one of the loudmouths of the Real Housewives of Orange County, and she did it for the clout. And that feat worked for fourteen seasons. On her personal life aside, she is a mother of five children, and her family comes from money in the construction and real estate development business. She once dated Brooks Ayers, but that ended long ago. As she’s now dating Steve Lodge, the aspiring California governor.

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Who is Vicki Gunvalson dating?

Who is Steve Lodge?

Steve Chavez Lodge is a former US Army and police officer born and raised in California. And this isn’t his first stint at holding office as he chased the campaign trail for the Anaheim City Council —only to finish last. As a former law enforcement professional, he wants to get tougher on the crime that scourges the Golden State. What he seems to forget is that the California police force is brutally violent when handling suspects. And he was once investigated for disorderly conduct when holding a badge.

Who is Vicki Gunvalson Dating?

Steve Lodge is Vicki Gunvalson’s current date and at sixty-two years old, wants to get a swing at Gavin Newsom as the liberal governor faces a possible recall election. If you want to know the intricacies of this, bear with us as we would first have to explain the complexities of California state politics. So come join us in the next section as we explore a little bit more on Steve Lodge’s political aspirations in frank opposition to incumbent governor Newsom, whose disastrous tenure has the middle class fleeing the state.

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California State Politics: A dive into wokeism

California is a beautiful state. But perfection doesn’t exist, as this beautiful state, home of entertainment, knowledge, big tech, and many other great things, is rife with woke politics. Cali-politicians who fight each other tooth and nail over state control of counties, city councils, municipalities, and virtually every other aspect of the local government whose crumbling infrastructure doesn’t seem to be the priority for governor after governor —from both sides of the aisle, mind you.

Who is Vicky Gunvalson Dating?

Steve Lodge dates Vicky Gunvalson

Enter Gavin Newsom and the Pandemic

Gavin Newsom’s peculiar situation bars him from blaming the COVID pandemic for his political crisis. The liberal governor faces scrutiny as early as February 2020, way before the plague took a foothold in sunny progressive woke California. Why are they recalling Newsom? Firstly, his liberal agenda is very expensive. And that’s because Californians pay among the highest taxes in the United States. Additionally, his prerogative for the creation of sanctuary cities without the consultation of the residents causes concerns and drives criticism. Lastly, his bill on water, power, and education is the cherry on the top of the concerned citizens that want to replace Gavin Newsom.


In conclusion, Steve Lodge is Vicki Gunvalson’s date. And he’s on the news and trending because he plans to run for Governor of California. The current romantic partner of the former Real Housewives of Orange County pretends to fix California’s fundamental problems. If he manages to grab enough political attention. And that could be difficult for him. As he’s already lost an election for a much smaller political project like the Anaheim City Council. Who knows what’s next for Steve Lodge as he deals with the problems of liberal woke California.

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