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Who is Tik Tok’s couch guy? Why the love for his partner is questioned?

Who is Tik Tok's couch guy

Who is Tik Tok’s couch guy? And why the love for his partner is questioned? Well, if you are a Tik Tok user then it’s for sure that you had come across this term “Couch Guy.” And if not then don’t worry, just carry on to this article and you would be able to witness the whole journey of the Tik Tok’s couch guy.

If you are active on any social media platform, then you must have gone through the crispy and goofy kinds of stuff. As of now, it is usual for people especially the young generations to post every kind of stuff on the web. Whether it’s their achievements, pranks, breakup,s or surprise gifts, you would find every kind of video surfing the internet platform. Well, all this indeed provides us with a daily dose of laughter and entertainment. But the truth of the media is in front of every one of us that it has the potential to do both. It can also build your name and on the same hand, it is also capable of leaving you of nowhere. So, it is always suggested to proofread or recheck every document or clip before uploading it on social media platforms.

The same thing had happened with the couch guy as well! But what was the issue? How he got the name of Tik Tok’s couch guy? And most importantly, why the internet or more precisely the Tik Tok users are questioning the love which he has for his partner?

Who is Tik Tok's couch guy

A still from the viral video

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Who is Tik Tok’s couch guy?

Well, after going through all the previous pieces of stuff, one might be curious to know everything related to the ongoing rumors regarding the Tik Tok’s couch guy? And this article is not going to let you down. So, let us start from the very beginning.

So, the couch guy was maintaining a long-distance relationship with his beloved girlfriend. And as of now, it had probably been more than a year. But according to the couple, the distance was nothing in front of the dept which their relationship holds. They are very affirmative towards their relationship. Though it was hard to manage as said that where there is love, you would also find difficulties. And there comes the checkpoint of the bond you possess. If it is strong enough then you would get through it. But if it’s not then fate itself can not defend the span of your relationship.

Well, first things first, before disclosing the true story, let us reveal the name of the couch guy. So, the couch guy is Robbie. And his girlfriend has a TikTok user name @laurenzarras.

So, the things started when his girlfriend took to her Tik Tok handle to share an adorable clip of her surprising him by appearing all of a sudden to his college. This video was meant to be praised because after handling the long-distance relationship for more than a year, they both had finally met. But unfortunately, things didn’t go the way she had planned them out. To their surprise, a whole new outcome was standing at their doorstep. Though the video was capable of catching the attention of the viewers and had gained over 48,000,000 views, unfortunately, they received total negative feedback. People were not happy and in fact, they were raged as according to them, they had studied the clip carefully and found that the couch guy or Robbie was cheating on his girlfriend.

Who is Tik Tok's couch guy

Couch guy and his gilfriend

Why did the viewers think that the couch guy was cheating on his partner?

The very first and the main reason that why the viewers thought that the couch guy was cheating on his partner was because in the video clip he was not found to be surprised and happy as he should be after watching his long-distance girlfriend. Moreover, the internet was confused that why he was sitting with the other three women. All this was paired by his stiff body language. As this moment was supposed to be adorable and everyone should be in full amazement but to its contrary, all the friends were laughing.

Viewers also commented that the girl sitting next to him was found pulling her hand off his lower back as his girlfriend entered the room. While some had found that she had hurriedly handed him back his phone. Following all this, the viewers concluded that Robbie was found cheating on his girlfriend. When she entered the room, he was sitting on the couch. And this is how he got the name Tik Tok’s couch guy! Both of them had come in front to defend the depth of their relationship. But it seems that the viewers had already made their mind.

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