Who is Tanjiro’s Father? Is He the Creator of Hinokami Kagura?

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Hanafuda Earrings
Hanafuda Earrings

“Never give up thinking things through. With unceasing effort, you can eventually break through any wall.” These were the inspiring words from Tanjiro’s father that kept resonating in his ears even in the most challenging moments. If you have seen the latest Demon Slayer movie, you must know that Tanjiro loved his family way too much, and he almost agreed to stay in Emmu’s illusion where his family is still alive.

As far as I can remember, there isn’t a single time when Tanjiro didn’t think about his family, especially his father, before an epic moment. For example, in his fight against Rui, Tanjiro recalled his father’s Hinokami Kagura dance and reached a whole new level of swordsmanship. Now the important question is, how Tanjiro’s father, who remained sick for the most part of his married life, could have learned such an overpowered breathing style? Is he the one to devise the Hinokami Kagura technique? Or was it passed on to him by someone else? Here, we are going to unravel all the mysteries swirling around Tanjiro’s father.

Who is Tanjiro’s Father?

Tanjiro’s father is Tanjuro Kamado. He married Tanjiro’s mother, Kie Kamado, and had six children together, Tanjiro, Nezuko, Takeo, Hanako, Shigeru, and Rokuta. He suffered terribly for most parts of his life from an illness that made his skin appear pale and fragile.

Tanjiro's father
Tanjiro and his father

Much like Tanjiro himself, his father was a tranquil, merciful, and charismatic person. Apart from the breathing technique and the Hinokami Kagura dance, Tanjuro taught his son many invaluable life lessons that gradually forged him to become a great personality in the future. However, he eventually succumbed to his illness just a few years prior to Muzan’s assault on the Kamado family.

Is Tanjiro’s Father the Creator of Hinokami Kagura?

No, Tanjiro’s father isn’t the creator of Hinokami Kagura, popularly known as Sun breathing; rather, the overpowered breathing style has been passed on within the Kamado family from generation to generation. If I go back to the history of Sun breathing, it was first practiced by the greatest demon slayer who ever lived, Yoriichi Tsugikuni.

After his failure to kill Muzan himself, he taught this technique to his friend, Sumiyoshi, who was also one of Tanjiro’s ancestors from the Sengoku era. He asked Sumiyoshi to pass on this technique and the Hanafuda earings to the next generations, and that’s how Tanjiro’s father got his hands on this breathing technique.

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Abilities of Tanjiro’s Father

Hinokami Kagura or Sun Breathing

Despite not being a Demon Slayer or a samurai, Tanjuro Kamado is shown to be stronger than any regular individual. With his Sun breathing technique, he could overcome the adverse effects of his tragic illness. According to the rumors, once, he slew a full-size bear with his barehand at speed faster than the blink of an eye.

Hinokami Kagura
Hinokami Kagura

The Demon Slayer Mark

The practitioners of the Sun breathing technique are often found with a Demon Slayer mark, and Tanjiro’s father was no exception. This mark was first noticed in Yoriichi Tsugikuni himself and was one of the reasons behind his unrivaled strength and speed. Well, this incredible power comes at a high cost, and the ones bearing this mark tend to die a lot sooner than others. I doubt if the demon slayer mark was the reason behind Tanjuro’s messed-up health condition.

The Transperant World

The Transparent World refers to the supernatural ability that gives the user access to extrasensory perception ability, altering their vision, perception, and enhanced physical attributes. With this ability, Tajuro could detect the slightest change in the enemy’s blood flow, muscles, and joint movement.

Our Thoughts On Demon Slayer Mugen Train
Tanjiro Kamado’s Demon Slayer mark

Selfless Personality

Despite his superhuman strength and stamina, Tanjuro hated to stand out from the rest or to show off his ability. It seems he was highly inspired by the teachings and values that were passed on to the Kamado family by Yoriichi Tsugikuni.

Even in the most desperate situations, Tanjuro showed no signs of drive, hatred, anger, fighting spirit, animosity, or fear. It’s pretty evident that Tanjiro inherited the innate sense of selflessness from none but his father, and I am sure that these qualities will help him become the strongest and the noblest warrior in the years to come.

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